• What does it mean

    The only reason why I chose no, was because what does it actually mean. Is Hollywood stupid ? Quite frankly I think the question is stupid or not worded to the point where we can come to an intellectual response. Do you mean Hollywoods stigma and what people sacrifice for that stigma?Hollywood is just a place , an area with a name. How can something like that be stupid.

  • Because it is.

    What is the point of sending the more lucky in life. They are people all around the world that are 100% better at doing the job for entertaining. The point of Hollywood is to show people that these people or actors are better and have had more success in their life, to single out the rich and famous.

  • Why of course

    Yeah, all we hear about from the media is who's dating who in Hollywood. These people aren't good role models for our younger generation and people who want to grow up rich and famous don't have much of a real goal in life. Really, who needs them? I sure don't.

  • Hollywood is run by social justice and PC idiots

    I used to watch TV an movies for entertainment and to relax. Now in almost every TV show and movie they are trying to spew some type of political correctness, Or push some type of 'social justice' issue. I'm sick of hollywood trying to brainwash me into telling me what i should think. Hollywood treats morals and ethics like i'm the one who is an 'idiot', That i'm the one who is perverse and 'uncivilized'. Enough is enough!

  • Hollywood must be good.

    Some people is Hollywood don't know the thing about fame and fortune come and go, And family is forever. It doesn't make any scenes they should made a lot of good clean movies in the 90s 2000s and today. Beside we want no more common. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They have lost of the focus on entertainment

    With all the new movies on their "diverse and feminist" cast and political rubbish shoved into the big screens, its no wonder why Hollywood last lost the focus of what entertainment actually is. They have just got to pick up their old movies which have done a lot better because THEY ARE GOOD and DON'T focus on the stupid shit that is happening today. I do not want to see another star wars or sci fi or movie with more ridiculous "oh we need more diversity and more women blah blah blah" shoved in my face. We already live in a period of peace and equality. Holywood is stupid because they are pampering to the snowflakes and swj's.

  • Burn in Hell

    All these immoral shallowists will burn in hell come judgement day. They all sold their soul. Sadly, they are under the impression that fame and fortune will make them happy. They fail to realize that your moral fabric dictates your happiness. All the money in the world dont help you when deep down you despise yourself.

  • It's ruining lives.

    It's pretty obvious that Hollywood is going down hill. I mean, Sequels? Remakes? Even REBOOTS???? I don't give a darn what the so-called media says. It's also obvious that studio executives are evil dictators. Unless someone make them get their acts straight, I'm officially on the verge of boycotting them.

  • Is Hollywood Stupid?

    It is their actions that reflect stupidity. The majority of everyday non egotistical or elitist citizens just want them to stick to their profession. They have become so full of themselves they don't even see their own hypocrisy. They believe themselves to be "Artist's" yet an Artist creates something, Actors merely practice lines and actions controlled by a producer. In fact they are so poor at what they do, most of the time it requires several attempts to get it right.

  • They all have their heads up their butt..

    They all have their heads up their butt. America spoke. We are done with the corruption in our government. Stop complaining and stand behind your president. Or leave the country. I prefer you leave. They all think that we ( the American public) should stand behind their every word. Do everything they ask and say. And when it doesn't happen. They throw temper tantrums *cough Meryl Streep . I'm sick of the one sided liberal media covering love for Hillary and hate for Trump. Move on or move out.

  • It's not stupid it's overrated

    First of all this question needs worded correctly this can mean many things. If it's what I think it is Hollywood is not stupid it is a great place to have fun and site see! But I have to admit it is way overrated it's trashy and filled with homeless people.

  • I do not believe Hollywood is stupid.

    What goes on in Hollywood doesn't mean it is stupid. The city is pretty, and sure, it may need improvements, but does that make it stupid? No! This is also the base for acting, singing and shows. Stars live here, and even if the star is a terrible role model, that doesn't change anything.
    Who agrees?

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