Do you think Holocaust denial is bullshit?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Evil people know the Holocaust happened, and they think it was good for that to happen

    There is no such a thing as Holocaust denial. I keep hearing that term over and over again. Next thing we know, people will be saying, "England rewrites their history to deny people what they did and they say, 'they didn't do anything.'" WTF? Seriously? Is there that much of a lack of common sense in this world. No, if a country did something, they're not gonna rewrite it show their shame. They're gonna keep it and spout how good it was that whatever happened happened. No one denies that a bad thing happened. Naturally, people will twist things about what happened to JUSTIFY the thing that happened, but there is no denial. If a country, such as Poland, didn't do anything they wouldn't have any bad history to show. No such thing as denying a history. Like I heard some dumb person say, "White people deny their history when you bring it up." Nonsense. If a black person ran into a white person that was evil, most likely they weren't denying their history. They were bragging about their country's history (such as England or Denmark, probably). Damn people are stupid. Evil people who want to kill the Jews don't deny the Holocaust. Someone who denies the Holocaust is usually not evil, they either never read about it, but if they continue to not believe it, they're just stupid, as Carlin would say. Evil people who hate the Jews and want to kill them CELEBRATE the Holocaust, not deny it. Stupid people.

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