Do you think home prices will get better or worse?

  • I don't really get the question. It shows ambiguity. If you mean 'decrease in price' by saying 'better', then I would have to say yes.

    Technology is fast-progressing. In building houses and infrastructures, people already use different materials. Due to that, the propensity of the price change in the 'primary' resources that are needed to build houses tend to get lower. As a result, the outcome will be less expensive. Also, it could be because of the existing competition with the other house seller. Higher and lower prices would trigger the willingness of the consumer to purchase the product in a big and small margin respectively; thereby making the product elastic.

  • They are going up.

    I think that home prices will get better, because real estate prices always seem to go up. They have made a very large rebound from what they were ten years ago. Things are selling more quickly again. Home prices are recovering from the recession, and they will keep going up to show it.

  • Yes, I think home prices will get better.

    The reason that home prices increased so drastically is because the housing bubble collapsed. While we may never see a return to the low prices of the early 2000's, I do believe that prices will eventually return down to sane levels sometime in the future but whether there will ever be such another housing boom again, is entirely up to the market.

  • I think home prices will get worse.

    I think home prices will get worse. The economy is not doing any better lately and with everything else on the increase then I think the home prices will continue to rise. Gas prices are not getting any easier and with everything else that people have to be able to afford they are not buying houses at the moment.

  • The housing market is on the rise

    This question can be interpreted a couple ways. If you are selling your home, a better price is higher than its current going rate. Property values are increasing as the economy slowly recuperates from the plummet in 2008-2009. Now is a good time to buy a new home, either as a fixer-upper or something fully finished, doesn't matter.

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