• Unprofessional Judgments Regarding Homeschooling

    Many people alienate homeschooling and perceive home schooling as some solitary academic system. However, Home schooling is the exact opposite. Home schooling provides freedom for children a flexible system and/or schedule. It's not suffocating and black and white like public schools. Have you ever thought, Why does home schooling even exist in the first place? Many people have their reason for home schooling their children. Such as, Their children's extra curricular activities some that aren't provided by public schools or they're activities that acquire too much time. Children and parents are capable of managing their own schedule however they please unlike public schools. Students who home school are capable of socializing through different activities not only "public school. " That's what many close-minded people think. They think of students who home school as anti-social. The ones that are quick to judge are public school students are they not? Judging home schooling students and the home schooling system without even trying the system out. Thus, Public school students are capable of becoming more close minded. However, I'm not saying "ALL" public school students. Public school is like a mini society. Students get pressured by other students and judged by other students. Some students in public schools also become outcasts. Students are capable of being bullied in public schools without the adults knowing which has a major effect on their social skills. Some become shy and introverted from experiencing bullying. However, In a home schooling system, Students are not capable of bullying each other. Certain mannerisms can be influenced by schools and groups of people children hang out with, However it's also the home environment. Majority of home schooling students have very good manners and the ability of decision making. The home schooling system provides the exact same activities that public schools provided and maybe more. The home school system provides AP courses and Honor role courses including clubs. If you do "PROPER" research about home schooling, It will say that students have their separate teachers for each subject. They have a choice to whether or not have their parent as a teacher. Parents in home schooling guide their children not "grade" them and "teach" and what not what ignorant people think. Home schooling children study independently they have a choice whether to call their teachers for guidance or join weekly live lessons as a class for guidance. They not always guided by teachers like public schools. In public schools teachers are always present for every single class. Home schooling is not only for "RICH" people. Parents do not always have to be present when their child studies because they have their separate teachers that help guide them through phone calls or live video conferences. Home schooling is not a "TIGER" parent academic system. Home schooling is also more secure and much safer compared to public schools. There's no school shooting and what not. Public school are not all "perfect. " No school is.

  • Yeah, Keep Your child OUT of Public school

    The Public school system thinks they own your child. Your child is part of the state before they are part of your family. It is best to home school and you can community home school and you can still get your child involved sports, Even in public schools, Some state allow home school child to join public school sports. There are PAL leagues for sport and YOur children are still going to meet other children, Just not some druggie kids whose parents do not teach them manners and your kid comes home being a punk. HOME SCHOOL or Private Charter. ANYONE against this is a fool or have some kind of agenda. Who would stop you from choice?

  • Another alternaitve to have access to education

    Education is an important factor in the lives of many families. It can affect where you choose to live, Your financial habits and even how you decide to vote. As time goes on and more educational options are available to families, Many households are choosing to homeschool.

    According to the U. S. Department of Education, 1. 8 million students were homeschooled in the U. S. In 2012. Parents gave many reasons for making the choice to homeschool, The most notable being a concern about the environment in other schools and a dissatisfaction with the instruction.

  • Hello i think yes

    Because its better beacause yous can be relaxed ass muches as yoiu want and you canoot be emberesseeeded to peopleole and no bullies beacause you are in your one housev and home so only your teacherer is in youre house ect you can be free and noot estres about it

  • Public schools are a complete joke

    Those who have money can afford to send their children to the best schools money can buy, Away from the riff-raff. Even that may be too restrictive, But public schools are worse--much worse. I went to public school, And it was a nightmare. I almost dropped out in my senior year because I was bullied and had to sit in classes year after year learning the same things over and over, None of which were of any benefit me, None of which helped me to get a decent job. My grades weren't good because I had to be around ghetto trash that were very disruptive to the environment, To the whole learning process. Some even beat up the teachers. The grading system was also terrible; I could get A's and B's on homework and tests, But ended up with a C's or D's overall. How is that possible? I have learned more from reference books, Encyclopedias, Educational TV/DVDs, And internet research than I ever learned in a lousy public school setting. As for the person who wrote that homeschooled kids are anti-social and more close-minded, That isn't true. Quite the opposite. I grew up anti-social and close-minded BECAUSE I went to public school and had to deal with bullies and low-lifes; it's tainted my view on the world, Yet I know not everyone is like who I went to school with. Today, I don't make connections because I don't trust anyone, Thanks to my lousy school experiences. I wonder who these people are who voted No on this debate? Are they wealthy? Do they send their kids to good schools? I can't imagine anyone actually believing that kids will get a good education in public schools. They don't. Period. For so may reasons.

  • Home schooling raises self-directed learners who know what they want in life.

    It also gives the entrepreneurial skills and values children as human beings. Prison like schools are no good for my kids at least. I want independent thinkers and happy people and don't care for the knowledge that needs to be passed down to them. Schools are a scary place to be in

  • Teachers job is to teach

    The teachers have studied for years to become a teacher, Your parents most likely will have not. Homeschooling will not give you a complete education, And all the processes usually carried out or aided by schooling, E. G. Recommending Universities, Mentioning job opportunities and talking about pathways, Will be a lot harder to carry out.

  • I do not think it's right att home

    I do not think it's right at home
    What parent never feels insecure when It comes to raising children?
    Unfortunately we know that there os no magic formula to transform tour children into perfect people but I believe that in school does not teach, Children would be much better than at home, Since many parents to not have the time to pay attention to their children ir even enough know ledge to become competent enough in the future.

  • Study at school! Not at home!

    In home schooling children will not have enough learning, Just the basics.
    Many parents do not have enough time to educate their children at home, Or they would not be able to afford an educator.
    I believe that in school children would have a better quality education, Because there are teachers capable enough to teach them.
    Children would have contact with other children learning from an early age to socialize with others.
    Another good example we can give of school is that children beyond teaching, Would learn to respect their peers, Thus avoiding bulling and racial discrimination.

  • Against home schooling

    No. I think home schooling is not a good option, It will hurt many people, Especially parents, Students and teachers. High unemployment for teachers who have had training and higher education.
    It damages the parents who depends on the work for the sustenance of their family, Because they would have to take the time to teach their children.
    Students would not have the necessary knowledge to enroll in a public college, Having to pay for private college.
    Parents have the obligation to educate their children at home and students have the right to school education

  • Pessoas capacitadas, Tornam outras pessoa capacitadas ( empowered people mais other people empowered).

    Empowered people make other people empowered

    Home schooling education, Made by parents, Is not complete, As they do not have the necessary knowledge to pass on to their children.
       They are not trained in the disciplines that children need to do a college up there, They know the basics. Many parents are illiterate, And so will they pass something on to their children, Unknowingly.
       Parents, Yes, Should educate their children at home, But out of respect.
       What the government wants is people who are unable to criticize and defend themselves.

  • Education properly? And in school

    Because of many factores, Especially inclusion, Children need to socialize with others from a young age. Then infrastructure in a poor country where a large percentage of parents do not have adequate education will not be able to teach.
    For a certain period the economy of the country will rise because there will be no spending on education, But then probrably these people will not be well prepared for the job market because they did not grow seeing the real world, Especially their most hidden problems.

  • Education at school and better

    The first education comes from home from when we were born but with a certain age we have the education about learning learners to learn to write and learn about the disciplines. I believe that in school learning the performance of studnts is better. Because studens who stay at jome will mot have good school results many parents have not their children. And woking parents will not have time to accomparny their children at home and also will not have srt schedules to study.

  • No school is the best

    Children that are home schooled have less friends and have a more closed minded upbringing. Rather than meeting other children their age that are different they hang out with other children from their neighborhood and they are very similar. They become indoctrinated by their parents and you can tell who is home schooled if they go to college. They cannot fail home school because their parent is the teacher.
    In school You have class at a set time and have time to interact with other peers at set intervals. There are bullies there but it is better to have a child learn how to deal with them early in life than later. They can play sports and maybe even get a scholarship or get into an AP class if they have any talents.
    Schools are great but old people who are out of touch want to see the death of schools. Over the decades they have siphoned off money from schools and set them to fail. They do not have money for security and do not have money for basic goods. School shootings happen because there is no real security and students fail because of the money cut from teachers and books. This forces parents to seek private schools and surprise home schooling.
    If you look at the data the majority of home school children are white and that is not a surprise. Segregation is coming back. Now instead of race it will be based on what class and wealth they come from.
    A rich family that has the father making more money than 40% percent than all other household with a stay at home wife. They have nothing to worry about.
    But a single mother making poverty level money working two jobs cannot home school her children or even take them to private school. The politicians could care less about her and her children. They only want the middle class happy and to make money from charter schools and keep their donators happy.
    Even with all of that said who cares. If you work hard you can graduate from any school. Home schooled children are in a coddled environment and I can assure you they do not have a complete education.

  • Institutions like schools are best for education than homeschooling

    School provides an optimal environment of a child's overall development.
    Education is not just reading and writing, That's literacy. Education is having good manners, Decision making and thinking ability, And most importantly how to thrive and interact with others around you.

    Even though schools may not fulfill its responsibility for every student but its always better than homeschooling.

  • Home made education

    It would not be the best option to educate your children at home because not all parents would have the right knowledge to pass on to their child, And not all parents have enough time to teach their children because to support their family they spend most of the day working out of home. For these, Among other reasons, I think it would not be the correct teaching

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