• Yes, homogeneous societies can be racially tolerant.

    I believe that homogeneous societies can be racially tolerant. I think that even though such societies are more interested in keeping the status quo on their country and nation, it doesn't mean that they have any racial hate for other races and people. I just think that it is a differing of ideals.

  • They can appreciate.

    Yes, I think that homogenous societies can be racially tolerant, because they can appreciate diversity in other contexts. They can also learn about other cultures all over the world. Culture and race do not necessarily go hand in hand. By being racially tolerant, they can lend a helping hand to other nations with diverse races that need the help.

  • No, that makes it harder.

    When a society is comprised of diverse races and cultures, then the chances of learning about other kinds of people as we mingle with the in business as well as socially are pretty high. But people in a monolithic society are going to know only those like themselves making racial tolerance harder.

  • Lack of Exposure

    I believe it would be incredible difficult for homogeneous societies to be racially tolerant. I suppose it is possible, but with a lack of exposure, it's impossible to measure. I think it would very much depend on the attitudes within the society and how they view themselves and what their influences are.

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