Do you think homosexual parents should be able to foster children?

Asked by: fawny
  • Yes (even though some say it might influence their sexuality)

    I have noticed some on the opposing side say that it would influence the child's sexuality, but so what if it does, parents can have influence on a lot of things but ultimately it's the child's choice (even if homosexuality can be seen as a choice), and most gay kids are born to heterosexual couples, so there goes the influence argument.

  • They are just as good as you

    If a heterosexual person can foster a child why cant a homosexual person every child needs parents people with homosexual parents love there parents the same way they would if they where heterosexual people should be able to have children no matter what sex or what sex your partner is as long as you want to love and care for a child i say let them foster the child.

  • Form of Segregation

    Same-sex couples should be allowed to foster children because it is a basic human right to have children. In fact, some may argue that it is why we were put on this Earth- to procreate. However, some people may not be able to succeed in this task, homosexual or not, but allowing heterosexual couples who can't procreate to foster a child while disallowing homosexual couples the same right is a form of segregation.

  • Parenthood and Sexuality are Not Connected

    Homosexuality does not affect your ability to parent a child. Come to think of a lot of kids need to be fostered because a heterosexual couple failed to raise them. In the end, an individuals character, not their sexuality, is the the determining factor when it comes to assessing parenting ability.

  • The foster care system is overcrowded

    The need for foster homes has risen dramatically, and the number of foster home has not matched the demand. The community can suffer if homosexual parents are denied the opportunity to help. Foster kids are more likely to be homeless, unemployed and reliant on social assistance after care.
    If homosexual parents are allowed to foster, it can dramatically increase the amount of homes available and allow people to invest in foster kids. Homosexual parents might also be more invested in foster children, as they cannot have children of their own. Adopting kids from care might also be more favorable to homosexual parents than (fertile) heterosexual parents.

  • It's not appropriate to family values.

    To me, the identity of a family is masculinity and femininity working together to make a household of truly equal values. This means the kid(s) learn(s) key roles in which masculinity and femininity plays within a family. This holds to traditional family standards and shows the kid(s) what a masculinity/femininity figure normally represent.

  • Sends the wrong message....

    The question assumes homosexual behavior is an acceptable practice. Thus, same sex couples adopting kids would seem like the next logical question to ask. However, I disagree that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle and as such, not worthy of being bestowed "family status and privileges". The primary purpose of a family is to raise and train the next generation with the skills and values they will need to succeed in life and in their own family.

    The fundamental fault of homosexuality is that it can NOT raise its OWN family naturally. Homosexuality as a lifestyle is one built around receiving personal satisfaction (on several levels) in ways and means not encouraged by nature. Homosexuality, as a practice, is an evolutionary dead end. There is no continuing of the species and no raising/training of the next generation. That is NOT natures way.

    So to provide kids to homosexual couples who will teach them homosexuality is okay, sends the wrong message that our society is attempting to go against nature. That is only going to last so long as technology and society allows. If everyone on planet earth turned strictly homosexual and technology vanished, the human race would die in one generation unless you "cross bred". But wait, that is NOT allowed because that is not allowed HOMOsexual behavior. So, training and teaching kids that homosexuality is okay and should be continued is NOT a wise policy for the future of mankind.

  • No, no, NO

    Kids need a mother AND a father! Not a couple who can take turns playing mommy and daddy. Real male/female role models. Equality will never make men and women the same. Surgery wont either. Sterility and age aside if a couple can not produce a child they have no business raising one PERIOD.

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