Do you think homosexuals feel mistreated? Since homosexuals are hated by the Christian religion, do you think they feel mistreated and unsafe in this environment?

Asked by: Darkluma1020
Do you think homosexuals feel mistreated? Since homosexuals are hated by the Christian religion, do you think they feel mistreated and unsafe in this environment?
  • I certainly would!

    If many people looked down on me because of belief, I would feel bullied as well. If i was gay,(which i'm not) I would make a wish that Christianity wouldn't hate me so I wouldn't feel inferior any more. Wouldn't you feel mistreated if you felt inferior to other people?

  • I am not heterosexual

    The Christian addition to the question aside, I do not feel safe in most environments. I have been abused, been told to kill myself and just generally been refused my human rights because of my sexuality. My friends, who are lesbians, have kissed in public and such. They have been burned, admitted to hospital and been refused service in shops and even not allowed on some public transport! When I came out, all kinds of degrading comments were made to me and my friends, the ones that actually stayed. Then being transgender is a completely different issue! I myself am cis so I cannot speak from personal experience. But my friend is, he was called Hannah but not called Haleb. He was also put in hospital, after both physical attacks and suicide attempts. If you are saying that all LGBTQ+ people feel safe in their environments, you are very misinformed. Some Christians are actually very pleasant people, some are horrible because of my sexuality. Just like non-religious and any other religion. It is unfair to target Christians specifically but yes, we are mistreated and targeted and we do not feel safe.

  • I definitely would.

    They are being mistreated by the catholic church. I'm a catholic, I should know. They have been mistreated for thousands of years. Times haven't changed. They were burned alive in the dark ages. They have been shunned by society in the 1960's. Although the punishment has gotten more humble, they are still being mistreated. For example, it's an insult to be called gay at school.

  • Wow, this doesn't seem biased at all.../s.

    Homosexuals in the past may have been mistreated, but that is most definitely not the case now. In fact, the law is very quick to come down on you if they believe you mistreat them in any way. For instance, if you own a buisiness, let's say a bakery or a flower shop, and a gay couple wants you to participate in their wedding and you refuse, the law will fine you into oblivion and have you business shut down while you are being publicly crucified for being intolerant.

  • This is a push poll.

    A better way to word this would be, "Are homosexuals mistreated in modern society?" That would be fair wording for this question. Instead you've worded it in a way that is not only biased, but would also adjust the results of the poll in your favor. "Do you think homosexuals are mistreated because Christians hate them" is a ridiculous question. Polls are meant to measure opinion, not to commit the bare assertion fallacy whilst trying to convince people over to your side.

  • Biased poll EVER. Christians do not hat homosexuals!

    First off, homosexuals are not hated by the Christian religion. That is just a lie. Christians believe that Jesus loves everyone, especially homosexuals. He did not teach to hurt other people, therefore any "Christian" who says that their religion hates homosexuality is NOT CHRISTIAN! All Christians are doing is standing up for what they believe is right. And they're not just doing it for their religion. They are doing it based on scientific facts, research, studies, and actual EVIDENCE. If you ask me, they have a lot more sense than you do.

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Philocat says2015-03-12T17:39:27.577
But Christianity categorically doesn't hate homosexuals.
TBR says2015-03-12T23:31:18.577
Philocat - So, I imagined those "god hates fags" signs? They aren't Christians? Only your brand of Christian is a Christian? Own it! YOU may not hate homosexuals, but it is perfectly acceptable for those looking at Christians to say "on the hole, Christians hate fags"