Do you think human are careless about earth-nature ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Over time, yes.

    Humans don't really do anything that's not majorly beneficial to them. Let's start with construction, people say they need more resources, and at the same time, keep building more and more to receive what's left of it on earth. Secondly, considering we murder, torture, control, and yes, occasianlly enslave each other, I don't see why we keep reproducing. If a human life only does more damage to this planet, what's the point of it? Think about this, a human baby is regardably useless. And now as we "progress" in our lives, we come to see that all of this development will eventually be destroyed. Not to mention, the godforsaken opinions, we disagree with each others beliefs, customs, and race, that we fight each other for. Leading to wars, and yes, permanent damage to earth. I could go on about this forever. But I guess naming off the brutal flaws of humanity wouldnt fit in this argument, thanks, if you read all of this.

  • Yes,human are stupid and careless

    As you can see how human create so much disaster to earth.Especially our parent generation create a lot of mess and destroy the nature.However they also bring positive effect to earth such as create technology for well being of people.But technology itself aren't harmful for earth,human are harmful for earth.While human use technology in an over limit,consume too much,and use fossil fuel which they know it's harmful but still use it,and cutting rainforest which only a few rainforest are left.These reason are the main reason for global warming.Also they create disaster such as war,global warming,conflict,and economic crisis.I am happy that our parent generation would be gone soon.I hope youngsters generation wouldn't do the same mistake as parent generation.But i believe in the future we can prevent global warming if we realize the mistake and solve it soon before it's too late.I believe there will always be a second change to improve yourself.

  • Humans are selfish

    Humans they think of only themselves meanwhile other humans sacrifice their life for them but they just take advantage and I don't think its fair that some humans have all the food in the world and don't want to share with people who have not even a penny in their pocket

  • No, humans are not "careless"

    It is true that humans have caused a lot of harm to Earth. Nature has been bombarded by our abominations, yes. But the real question here is, are we careless? That is the topic of this debate. And humans are not careless. We didn't develop technology without thinking once about environmental destruction. We didn't cause disasters like war because we didn't give any thought to nature. We did think about the environment. We just couldn't help ourselves because that is our way of life. It's human instinct. Just like species of ants have to kill certain trees to make homes. Scientific research show that the number of ants killing trees have decreased. Instead, they find dead trees to inhabit. Just like the ants are adapting, we humans are adapting. Now, we are thinking of alternative ways to change our behaviors. I do agree totally that we caused a lot of major problems. But did we do that carelessly? That's the real question.

  • Nature does not care about humans

    No matter what humans build or create nature will ruin it. A abandoned house will be retaken by nature in months, deserts will cover farm land, hurricanes destroy seawalls, and nature will even retake nuclear contaminated areas, like Chernobyl. Nature is continually attempting to kill everyone of us. Nature has no fear of humans.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-07T07:50:57.937
I'm just so glad someone used a Confucian quote as the image of an opinions page :D