• Yes, our species is making its way toward peace

    Humankind is already growing out of war. We have substituted
    team sports for out and out battle, in many cases. As individuals, we compete
    in school and in business, without getting the knives out. Humans
    will probably never stop competing, just as plants compete for the sunlight and water,
    but we are learning to channel our aggressive drives, and even to use them for the
    good of our families and all humankind.

  • No, I do not.

    I know a lot of social scientists think that environment is entirely responsible for the development of human beings and how we behave, but this is not the case. Biology does play a part in human behavior, and war is in human nature. Not in every human, but in many.

  • No, I don't think humankind will ever grow out of war.

    War between humans has gone on since the days of the cavemen, war is built into every humans brain in one way or another, so I find it very unlikely that one day this will eventually be grown out of unless scientists find a way to genetically modify peoples brain to remove this psychological trigger.

  • It Is Doubtful

    Historians and scientists have found that war is far more common when a group is younger. So countries with predominantly lower age groups are more likely to enter a war. Based on this information I find it difficult to believe that humankind will outgrown war. I think war is just a fact of life.

  • Humankind will never grow out of war.

    Humankind will never grow out of war. There will never be a time where war is not happening somewhere in the world. It has just became a part of everyday life and we have to accept it. We are always told that the war will end and that the troops will be pulled out but it never happens.

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