Do you think humans are the only life-forms in the universe?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Yes, yes, and yes.

    The classic "well there are so many stars out there, some must have life", is foolish. Approximately 1% of the stars in the universe are capable of supporting life, fewer have planets, even fewer have carbon AND water, and almost none have the other necessary components for life (of which there are many). Of those, only one isn't near a group of stars that would rip the solar system apart, only one is far enough away from the center of the galaxy not to be in danger of the black hole, and only one is situated so well to observe the rest of the universe. That planet is Earth.

  • Yes and no

    I believe that while there may be some bacteria or crustaceans out there, as a Christian, I can't believe that God would create an intelligent life form that could rival our intelligence. As much as I wish "hitchiker's guide to the galaxy" was real, I just don't think that it is plausible that a rival intelligence could exist.

  • Where the aliens at tho?

    Show me aliens. I don't know any aliens. I have been studying aliens for 10 years and I haven't found and proof of aliens. Aliens are aliens so we can't know if there are aliens because aliens are aliens. What makes an alien an alien is that they are alien to us because aliens are aliens. I thought I lived next to an alien one time but I was wrong because it was just my fat neighbor with a weird skin condition that made her skin green, but that's besides the point. Aliens are aliens because they are alien.

  • Well, no, actually...

    Though the opposition would argue that, if this world was created by a God, then there probably wouldn't be any other life forms in the universe, I would still say that there is for a fact. Humans have made advancements that have actually allowed us to witness these life forms in action. You see, people have this complicated ability to do this, and we call it perception. We use this skill to take in the world around us and realize that the entire universe doesn't revolve around us. There have been countless discoveries of complicated creatures that we would not define as human, though they are genuinely living creatures. We call these strange life forms "animals".

    Now why don't you make your question more specific?

  • Probability suggests not

    On a logical basis, Earth cannot possibly be the only life-bearing planet in the universe. The observable cosmos is billions of light-years in diameter and contains over 200 billion galaxies. If we are the only ones in the universe, it would be a big waste of space. There is still much of the universe we have not explored.

  • Yo life is a lie

    Because humans are so stupid that most think that we are the only living things in the universe. We still have not explored far enough to know of any other living organisms.
    Science yea, there are probably better and more smart organisms in the galaxy so keep living your life.

  • . . .

    Obviously no.We have dogs and cats and sheeps and goats.But seriously there is nothing stopping aliens from existing but our minds.If the Universe is infinite then aliens must exist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

  • . . .

    Obviously no.We have dogs and cats and sheeps and goats.But seriously there is nothing stopping aliens from existing but our minds.If the Universe is infinite then aliens must exist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

  • There are other life-forms on this planet

    Earth has many different forms of life. Humans are only one of them. It is pretty stupid not to believe in biodiversity when other species are around us all the time. There are even bacteria in our intestines, so there are nonhuman life-forms inside us. Plus there are plants and animals in plain sight for most people.

  • Earth is only but a grain of sand..

    Saying that we are the only living ones in the universe is as if the universe was made only for us. We only live on the Milky Way galaxy that is around millions of other galaxies. Throughout the Astronomers have discovered a vast number of other galaxies. We are still learning about the universe and what is beyond the local superclusters. Who is to say there aren't other living things on the other millions of those? They may have solar systems similar to ours, perhaps more than one living planet next to each other. We don't know. It's the vast of possibilities, our universe is way bigger than what we think it is.

  • Yes, there is a possibility.

    The only life we know of is the one that evolved on earth. For all we know, there could be all sorts of complex organism out there that don't need oxygen to survive, and can thrive in extremely harsh (relative to earth) environments. I would like to stress that, as of now (2015), human knowledge is very limited, compared to all that there is to know about the vast universe we live in. We may be surprised with what we learn.

  • The universe is huge...

    Of course we are not the only life-form in the universe. Earth is miniscule compared to the whole galaxy and universe. I doubt that Earth is the only one with life-form. There must be planets more advanced in technology than us and there must be planets that are discovering the wheel.

  • Different life forms may not need the requirment to live as the ones on earth

    I beleive that an infanant universe must have a dffernt life form, not only in this few thousand melinuums, but think of the possibilitys the universe will have been able to hold in the unrecorded years.
    Yes, the world hasnt been around forever, but other planents may have and kept lifeforms on it

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