Do you think humans can be part of the food web?

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  • Yes we CAN be - and SHOULD be.

    During 2010 I meditated actually on the question of 'where are (instead of can be) humans in the food chain'. We are to provide food, in the substance of blood, to the mosquito female.
    The answer came to me in bed one night when I followed the sound of a mosquito and allowed it to land on a naked shoulder. I concentrated very hard to feel each of its legs, and the penetration into the skin, etc.
    This willingly allowance as now become part of my existence as a living organism, and I can state categorically - there is NO side-effects.

  • We Are In The Food Chain

    I believe that humans are part of the food web or food chain. After all, if we fall down and die while walking on trail, and our body remains there; wildlife, bugs, and insects come to feed on our decomposing bodies. I believe we are high on this food chain, but we are not apart from it.

  • Yes we are

    Humans are omnivores because they eat both plants like corn, and strawberries. And we also eat animals such as beef, chicken, and pork. Then again everyone has their own opinion. I understand that you have your own reason for saying no, but it makes more sense to say WE ARE!!!

  • We already ARE

    A part of the food web because we eat. Its as simple as that. No,many of the human population do not act like primitive hunter/gatherers and collect all of meals personally from the wild- but out food does come from the ground in one way or another, and when we die many of us will be put back into the ground and decomposed. Food Chain. There you go.

  • Humans are part of the food web.

    Humans already are part of the food web. After dying, human tissue is consumed by micro-organisms. Humans also occasionally get eaten by other organisms. Humans are not above and being being consumed by other living things. (I suppose you can escape this fate if one is cremated,, otherwise your lunch.)

  • Of course they are.

    All living organisms are a part of the food web- I don't think there's a single organism on the planet that doesn't either (a) ingest another organism for food or (b) is not itself ingested for food. Which is the only requirement of an organism to be in the food web- it doesn't have to have any natural predators itself.

  • Well at least sometimes

    To be in a food web one organism must be getting energy from another organism. A human can be in some food webs because humans eat some organisms. Humans depend on other organisms for food. Not always will humans be at the top of the food chain because I'm sure people don't eat lions but they are included in the food web.

  • It is Unreasonable

    As Human being we are the head of the food web. We, if we like, can eat any type of animal in existence on our planet. If we did place humans on the food web, we would always be on the top. Therefore it makes it unreasonable and unnecessary. Humans also eat a wide variety of food. We are omnivores. Since we are omnivores placing us on a food web would over complicate the food web. This is because Humans do eat almost every type of animal and plants. Not only that we have to take in account that the purpose of a food web is to show how animals interact with each other for food. This is for studying the behavior of animal. We already know much about our own diet and behavior towards food. Therefore we are not need in a food web. It is also supposed the show the balance in natural population. Humans usually upset this balance between animals. Therefore adding humans would mean that it no longer shows a balance in the animal population.

  • We aren't like other animals

    Other animals do not think about the consequences of their actions like humans, which detaches us from the "circle of life". Other omnivores and carnivores need meat in order to survive, most humans don't.

    As well as this, factory farming and farming in general is completely unnatural and breaks nature. No other species does this. Hunting with tools like chimps do is natural, but breeding your food is not.

    Therefore, humans are no longer apart of the circle of life nor the food chain.

  • Humans have a extremely varied link

    To what we eat and don't eat, as well as being at the apex state of the food chain we shoulden't be apart of our food web for the facts being we are at the top. But in a food web humans would be the problem for since we are at the top we would have everything on us rather than a more diverse and understandable example to those around us.

  • Humans can be but not as an important factor in the ecosystem.

    In my opinion, Humans can likely interrupt an ecosystem than do more function in it. I don't know of any food web or food chain wherein Humans are necessary, as necessary as that if Humans are taken out of the food chain or food web then the ecosystem wouldn't be possible. And we are not at the top of the food web if we were to be in any. We are at the same level as pigs and anchovies based on trophic levels, that is our diet and not considering our capability for supremacy.

  • Humans arent apart of the food chain

    Humans are not apart of the food chain. Some may eat meat but we do not need it to survive.In the food chain ANIMALS eat other animals to survive. We on the other hand eat for enjoyment. If humans stopped eating meat there wouldnt be a increase cause other species would eat them

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