• Yes I Do

    I believe we are in full control of our choices and that our actions, In response to what fate offers us, Matter. We are here to learn lessons and the hard decisions we have to make are what helps us grow as humans. Our destiny is not something we can sit by and let happen to us. We have to rise up and make a move. Sitting in response to the actions the world brings our way will not in any way, Shape, Or form, Bring us to our purpose in life, What God wants us to do in life. People goofing off at a time like know when there isn’t really anything in life that they really have to worry about. Then they want to turn back around and put everything on God and just say that whatever that they are doing now was God’s purpose for them. But no, It’s not. God gave us free will and we have the choices in life to make. You either take the path of righteousness or you follow what everyone else is doing and end up as an addict or a homeless person on the side of the road relying on other people for your meal. The meal that you could have easily worked for with all the right choices. We have to rise up and walk. Forget about all the pleasures of life and take up our cross. Its never gonna be easy but we have to speak after our goal. There are no rules, Or religion that can hinder our goal but the decision we make change our life for the better. Make your decision and follow your heart and not your mind. Your mind only tells you what you want but your heart, What you need and will continue to need in the future. Our world is surrounded by many factors that can alter anyone. Who's to say the bad guy in the story can't be on the path of good? Or who's to say the hero of the story can go down the dark path? You can be born into the darkness but still, Be a light and vice versa. It's important to know that not everyone is born as they are and the power to change is the only real power we possess.

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  • I believe you can control anything in your life its all up to you.

    I believe you do control your own destiny and where your life is going. From my point of view i believe you learn from what goes on in your house hold or people that are close to you. And you see how they are different and you pretty much pick how you want your life to be. You have to want for a better life them what you had for not just yourself but for your kids or your future family.

  • People Can Change

    Our world is surrounded by many factors that can alter anyone. Who's to say the bad guy in the story can't be on the path of good? Or who's to say the hero of the story can go down the dark path? You can be born into the darkness but still be a light and vice versa. It's important to know that not everyone is born as they are and the power to change is the only real power we posses.

  • We can choose where we want to go in life

    I believe there is power in knowing we have control over our actions and choices. Breaking a toxic cycle in your family, Choosing to have a better career, And choosing to be a better individual. We all have some control of our future, You just have to want for it and never give up. Our paths are already written out for us, But life requires us to try too.

  • Yes i think they do

    I feel that people have control of there destiny because before most people make any kind of action they more than likely think of all the outcomes that could possibly happen afterwards whether they may be positive outcomes or negative. This is why i feel that we as human beings can control our destiny.

  • You have the power

    I believe that you have the power to control your destiny. There could be a path already chosen for you. That path can be ugly putting you in a horrible situation. You can chose to go another way. You have the power to chose to live a better life. Try to live your life at the fullest.

  • We are all capable to choose our own paths.

    Growing up my entire family was the same way. Everyone drank, Were abusive to their children, And refused to work. I saw these things as normal, Until I learned what I believe to be a fully functioning family. I am 45 and I can say that I have totally broke the cycle that it seems my family was doomed to.

  • I think yes

    To an extent because I believe in Jesus Christ and he already knows what your life is going to be like from the minute that you were born. This is what I believe in, But I believe that we make our own choices for ourselves and that controls our destiny is the choices that we make in our life determines our destiny.

  • We can choose for ourselves

    I think we can create our own paths despite what extraneous factors may be placed in front of us. In some cases, We put ourselves in situations where external factors are more or less likely to occur, And it is also important that we control that aspect, Which can sometimes be negative, Of our destinies.

  • Life is already planned out

    Your life and every decision you make is made by destiny this is the plan the universe had for you from birth, every action made was already planned to happen. You don't know when you will die, break a bone, find your one true love, and mostly all your plans have already been made to happen

  • We can't control our destiny

    Though they say that we have the ability to control everything, some visions like destiny and faith can't be controlled by human beings.
    For example if you are going in a car ,you would have never thought that you will get into a car crash and be dead . Now, is this controlled by you ??

  • You really control nothing

    Your destiny is a path determined from birth. The way you look, the family you have, where you were born and the things you were exposed to gave you the mind you believe you now control. You were never in control. You are what the world around you made you

  • We are not

    We are made to feel we are in control and we are in a very limited way. Our modern socioty there are a select amount of acceptible ways to live your life. Things we think would be unacceptible and and crazy to do with your life is acually just our socioty making a certain way of life not ok and without knowing it we were not in control of our own destiny and instead of doing the unacceptable thing with your life you do something socially accepted thinking that it is totally normal

  • Humans only have so much mental power

    I believe that as humans we can only exert so much mental power over our lives but not enough to actually control our destiny. We can put forth the effort all we want in where we want to be in life, but if it is destined for us it will or won't be. The more you try to control you might end up in situations you don't like because you as a human being could not foresee the damages and/or the situation for what it was if it wasn't meant for you in the first place! You were not born for no reason. God has a plan and purpose for everyone in this life. You can only do so much without gods guidance and the rest is up to him and HIS WILL.

  • I am alone

    I continue to experience the re-occurrence of -as trivial as it sounds -there number 318. I know it seems ridiculous. I have become increasingly more depressed since leaving a position where I was assumed as more (a threat then an asset.) Things continue to unfold. I am becoming less accessible to my loved ones and I am distancing myself from friends. I have a compelling urge to end my existence, however I was raised in a single parent household and I do not want history to -repeat itself. In any event I don't want to leave either of them alone but as timeliness show, evolution is the common denominator. I could be missed. Some may feel relieved. I just don't want to continue to have an internal struggle. Apparently I'm not strong enough. I will be tactful in my efforts. I will save until I have an effective amount of medication to be sure to be successful. Thank you to whomever may read this epitaph. For what it's worth the goddamn number 318 keeps following me. I am over it. I don't give a fuck anymore.

  • No, we don't control our own destiny

    God is the one who has a plan for all of us and he's had a plan since before the universe was created. He knows everything that is going to happen, when it will happen, and to whom it will happen to. However, that doesn't mean that we have no control. We are not puppets with God controlling every one of our actions; we have our own minds and we choose our own actions, but the result of those actions always ends up being what God wanted in the end.

  • The future path:

    Let's say that it is possible to know the future. Now in knowing the future you will make choices to prevent that said future from happening but in doing so you are causing the events that lead up to that future and thus solidifying it. The path that you will take to your future is set even if you don't know which path it may be.

  • Either destiny or chaos.

    If I had perfect recollection and had experienced everything, I would be able to know if causality was real.
    Scenario 1: causality is real so I will do what ever will be done.
    Scenario 2: causality isn't real so I will do whatever I will do.

    Experience teaches us no less clearly than reason, that men believe themselves free, simply because they are conscious of their actions, and unconscious of the causes whereby those actions are determined.” Baruch Spinoza.

  • No, not mostly.

    Although people do have some control, for the most part where they end up in life due to circumstances outside of their control. For example, people who grow up in poverty and go to bad schools are much less likely to be successful and do not get the same opportunities as those with more money and access.

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