• Yes drinking water is important

    There has been many studies showing people just dumping there waste and trash into clean water contaminating it. Drinking that water can kill you. We as humans should be more mindful of that because we are all equal and we should all get clean water, Not the ¨clean¨ water the cities tell us we are drinking, But actual water that is good to drink. I believe that we all deserve water because 70% of our bodies are made out of water.

  • Drinking clean water will help families in poverty

    Families in poverty already have it hard, and not having clean water can make their lives even harder. I have clean water, my friends have clean water but some people in South America get excited when their water is brown but almost see through. Here, we are disgusted if the water is tinted white.

  • 100% yes yes yes.

    Everyone needs water to survive. To deprave anyone of this is just inhumane. Why should it not be a right? If everyone can't have access to clean drinking water as a right then what next? We can't wear clothes unless we are filthy stinkin rich? Like seriously, what kind of question is this?

  • Yes, that is a basic human right.

    Water is vital for our survival and access to clean drinking water should be a very basic human right. Contaminated water is a huge cause of death in developing countries. Governments should have safe ways of getting people clean water, and should also be monitoring the water quality on a consistent basis to make sure high standards are maintained.

  • We need water to survive.

    I think that along with universal health care, there should be an inalienable right to clean drinking water. Water is the one thing that everyone on this planet needs more than anything else to survive. We should not allow governments or private corporations to control access to drinking water. It should be free for all.

  • Yes, They Do

    Clean drinking water is essential for humans to survive. Denying something like water is basically sending a death sentence to the group that is denied. Essentially it is up to some people to locate and purify their own sources of water, which is how we all use to obtain water.

  • Yes, I think we do

    I don't know why we wouldn't have the right to drink clean water. I guess it depends on how you clean the water though. We use a lot of methods that may not be good for people in the long run,but are considered clean, here and now. The fact is all areas are different,but yes we do have the right.

  • It's not appreciated enough

    While all humans need clean drinking water to live, people do have to acknowledge that the U.S. wastes approx. 7 billion gallons of drinking water each day. If Americans were to have to pay for water, not only would the under appreciation and influx of waste be decreased, but future generations would have a chance at having clean drinking water like all of us do.

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