Do you think humans have more similar chromosomes to gorillas (yes) or chimpanzees (no)?

  • I Believe Gorillas

    I believe humans have more similar chromosomes to gorillas over chimpanzees. While we are all under the same branch, chimpanzees common ancestor is much further back than the common ancestors of gorillas. Obviously we are not like either of these animals in real life, but we share some DNA with both.

  • Some distant ancestor

    This is probably easily tested and known in the scientific community, but it is my understanding that humans and primates share an even more distant relation and that we broke off from that relative a very long time ago. I think that we are not too close to either, but too a different primate.

  • Humans have more similar chromosomes to chimpanzees.

    Humans are more genetically similar to chimpanzees than to gorillas. This is the reason that chimpanzees are sometimes used in medical research. Chimpanzees can better approximate the human body than any other animals. Gorillas are much bigger animals, and while they are still very similar to humans, they are not as close as chimpanzees.

  • Humans Share Chromosomes with Chimpanzees

    It has been proven again and again that human beings share similar chromosomes with chimpanzees rather than gorillas. We are supposedly evolved from chimpanzees, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it has become a controversial issue over the past few centuries. Nobody is quite sure whether that's actually true, though.

  • I believe that we are closer to neither

    I do not agree that we are closer to either of these animals. In reality we, as humans have more in common body part wise, with pigs. This is way we use the body of a pig when we study the biology of humans. I think that humans have some characteristics of chimps and gorillas, but I do not believe our chromosomes are very similar or transplants would have been made by now.

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