• Because we need it

    And also because we have to discover the new world but we have to be prepared to go, I am not saying to go now, in 50 or 60 and write it on a book or something to have proofs of that and to the people that want to knew how is it Mars.

  • Yes we should comtinue

    Because us interesting to know about the planet and it could be that in a few or a lot of years the planet will be without resources and one option is to explore mars and know what resources are there and if in the future we could go there or not.

  • Yes we should

    The exploración of space must be continued to make new discoveries and maibe find life uno they planeta that give us clues about how humans were born and evoluted.
    Is could be even posible to find a new electricity soure that saves the earth.
    And my opinion about trump ist that he isnt that bar as a president he might be a bit radical but at léase he does important things.

  • Yes we should continue to explore mars

    Because what if there are many resources that humans could use? Perhaps the resources there could help set up a colony on mars, or even explore farther planets! Imagine the things we can accomplish by doing these things! And that is why i think we should continue to explore mars

    also the people who say no, i only see spam......

  • Yes we should

    It would be a great thing for America finding more about out there and what a success it would be for the human specie and a inspiration for next generation so I do think that we should continue thinks Mars discovering I think we should continue searching stuff on Mars.

  • Yes humans should explore Mars.

    One may say we are already up to our necks in debt, and that nothing is to be gained through exploring Mars and other planets. If you do a little research, you'll notice that without sending men to the moon, we would be missing out on several technologies such as MRIs, LEDs, and even firefighting equipment. Imagine what we would get out of a trip to Mars. And also, the few hundred million dollar budget to be used by NASA are pennies compared to the military's budget keeping military personnel deployed overseas in over 150 countries. We do not need to police the world, we have other countries that can do that.

  • Yes, humans should explore Mars

    Yes, it is extremely important that humanity continues to explore Mars. The scientific data that exploration has brought us is useful in understanding the environment, and leads to direct applications here on Earth. Additionally, settling Mars in the future would make the future of the human race more secure in case of a catastrophe on Earth.

  • It could benefit us one day

    You never know what type of resources we could find that might be beneficial to us. Plus, maybe their is something to learn that could revolutionize the science field. We do need to go overboard with it, just continue to do what we are currently doing. We would of never discovered water on Mars if we did not explore it.

  • yes we should

    yes, if you think about it, they are bound to have some elements on mars that we do not have on the earth. These could be used to make our country a whole lot better one day, if we will just find a way to get it all back here.

  • Yes, we should continue

    I think its just a stepping stone to the future. If we go to Mars changing its atmosphere would be a giant boost to our species. The expansion would not only get us off earth,but it would set us up for future planets. The more we move the more the species stays alive.

  • Too costly, too dangerous, too many factors that can hurt us instead of benefit us.

    Seems like a great idea from the outside, but has anyone every considered the harsh conditions there. Like sandstorms, volcanoes, and other harsh conditions like a very thin atmosphere which provides little to no protection from the sun. As well as a high chance of the shuttle's malfunction. I can back this up from the Apollo 13, which got well... Lucky.I think we should pursue robot exploration instead, although there are some faults in this too. Robot exploration is 20 to 40 times less the cost of human exploration, a huge factor considering our government is already in debt. But even robot exploration can bring up our debt too and still not be satisfactory. Rovers can miss huge things the engineers and scientists did not anticipate. This is because it doesn't have the programming required to check for these things. All in all, it would be a major loss with very little and non-essential benefits. Why hurt our debt? We should do these things when we have more stable conditions.

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  • No, I do not think humans should explore Mars

    I do not see a valid reasoning for the continued exploration of Mars or any other planets by humans. Our government is deep in debt already and each year millions of tax dollars are thrown away on such trivial pursuits as measuring gravity, oxygen and density of Mars surface. What benefit is this? None.

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