Do you think hunters safety should be taught in school?

  • Yes, in a safe environment.

    If we teach kids about guns they wont be afraid and their wont be as many misuse accidents. Kids these days ar afraid of guns. Guns arnt bad, some people use them in bad ways. The more kids know about guns the less likely accidents will happen. Vote yes for hunting.

  • Yes, in hunting areas.

    Yes, hunters safety should be taught in school, because if students are going to hunt, it is a good use of class time to teach them how to do it safely. Hunting is a big deal in some places, and when guns are involved, a brief course on safety for all students is a good idea.

  • Hunter safety should be taught in schools

    In many school districts around the country, a large percentage of the students hunt. In these districts, it would be beneficial for hunter safety to be taught in the schools. It can not be assumed that adults have given the students proper guidance when it comes to the protocols for staying safe while hunting. Most districts require a certain number of elective credits and hunter safety could be added to those offerings.

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