Do you think Huntington's disease severity is worse than Parkinson's in terms of impact to quality of life?

  • Genetic factors make Huntingtons worse

    Whilst both are severely debilitating, I believe that the genetic factor that Hungtintongs disease carries makes it worse. They both present very similar, However Huntingtons Disease runs in families and therefore may cause people with HD to feel guilt and watch other family members suffer as well. It also may affect a couples choice to even have biological children

  • The Genetic Component

    Besides the fact that Parkinson's disease can be somewhat tamed and slowed through medications, Huntington's disease is purely genetic. An individual with Huntington's disease has at lease a 50% chance of passing the disease on to his or her children. Often times the decision to start a family is made before the onset of symptoms and so there is no opportunity to undergo genetic counseling or family planning. Knowing that your children might be affected by the same disease would be awful. Although there are rare forms of Parkinson's that are familial, the disease mainly presents sporadically without a known cause.

  • I believe Huntington's disease is more severe

    I know that Huntington's is the breaking down of nerve cells over a course of time. I also know that Parkingson's is also a nerve disorder that causes involuntary twitches and shakes. I believe that Huntington's is worse because if the nerves in your hands shut down; tasks like eating, drinking and overall life requirements can be greatly impacted if not taken away entirely. Parkingson's is more manageable with medication and I just don't see it being more severe, but both are not someone to be ignored.

  • Yes, because Huntington's often causes early cognitive decline

    Both these diseases make life difficult and unpleasant.
    However, the effects of Huntington’s disease are often much worse than those of
    Parkinson’s disease. Many people with Parkinson’s disease are able to continue
    their normal activities, working and maintaining a home for many years, with
    the help of medication. People with Huntington’s disease often face cognitive
    decline in midlife, and are likely to die young, completely debilitated, in a

  • Yes, because it gradually shuts down life.

    Parkinson's Disease is very debilitating, but the person usually retains some abilities that make life worth living right to the very end. However, Huntington's is known to shut down the faculties one at a time until there is not even the possibility of swallowing. Yet the mind is often active, which is more a curse than a blessing.

  • They are about the same.

    Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease are about the same as far as the impact they have on quality of life. They both begin gradually starting with simple coordination problems. Then that leads on to loss of motor control. Then later they both lead to deterioration of a persons mental capacity. I do not see how one could be any worse than the other. They are both horrible.

  • Given a choice, I would choose Huntington's over Parkinsons

    Huntington's will often manifest itself in jerking motions or incomplete motions, causing repetition or what appear to be "ticks" The ability to walk and move are hindered due to these symptoms. It is manageable though. It may take a little longer to do things do to the stop/start tendencies related to most movements, but it is still doable. Parkinson's manifests as uncontrollable jerking motions that do not relate to actual function. The result is motor skills completely crippled due to the danger of the sporadic movements. Both diseases are partnered with their own mental dysfunctions, but the physical is still manageable by the time the mental is truly unmanageable and requires institutionalization or at least constant monitoring. You can live happier for longer with Huntington's.

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