Do you think if we reduce media violence,would school shooting decrease ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes of course it is

    School shooting and mass shooting just happen too often in america. Children go to school die every day or get seriously injured.Violent video game and other media violence is a training killing simulation.I believe if we ban all media violence,it might reduce the number of gun related death.Yes it should.

  • Cause?No. Scapegoat? Yeah.

    Video games are mostly used as scapegoats nowadays. People try to rationalize the cause of school shootings and point their fingers at video games. Honestly? I remember when I had to read Columbine and how everyone tried to blame violent video games and Marilyn Mason as causes for the shooting. Mostly everyone who has done a mass shooting are written off as mentally ill. Eric Harris was the definition of a psychopath and Dylan K. Was suicidal and depressed. I and plenty others have played "violent" video games and we're not shooting up our schools. If anything I see it as an outlet.

  • No background to this

    There is no substantial evidence showing that violent video games even relate to real world shooting. (Mentaly endured) There are casinarios where people have been treated with a killing sanity but not aided directly on video games. And even if a mental state of that kind is interpereted on kids, are they really going to bring in a gun and start mowing people down?

  • No.It would be pointless

    Violent video game doesn't have much impact on school shooting.According to The US Secret Service ,they say that only 1/8(12 percent) interest in playing video game which it is less than interest in movies and books.It has proven that schooters have less interest in video game.They more likely to spend time on movies and books.

  • People who are mental enough to kill because of media

    Are also mental enough to kill without said media. Let's say violent video game A was Person A's motive for shooting. Even if said game was removed from existence or wasn't created prior to the incident, the mentally unstable shooter would've still been influenced by some other equally ridiculous reason into doing what he did.

    Reducing or even outright removing violent books, movies or games wouldn't reduce the violence. It would only decrease the number of available scapegoats for the media to exploit in these violent shootings news stories.

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