Do you think i'll get a higher score on my PSAT than the score you have gotten or will get?

Asked by: AsianGenius
  • Yes, I think so.

    I got about 225 on a PSAT practice test. In the real test, I answered all the questions (though there were some heart-in-mouth moments) and I think I got them all right.
    Of course, maybe you're a genius (OH . . Just noticed . . . You are) but I still think I beat you.

  • I got a 1900, so...

    Yep, I got a 1900 on my practice SAT when I took it in eighth grade. It's not that impressive, but the poll is comparing it to a 1770, so...

    I have to fill up some more words in this supporting argument box, so here are the words I need.

  • I got 1770 on my most recent practice SAT

    Since i got a a 1770 and since then my skills have improved it is highly unlikely someone will exceed my PSAT score and so i expect you guys to not exceed my score and to break it down it was 700 in math, 580 critical reading, and 490 writing.

  • I'm a boss

    Well I recently took the PSAT and I swear it was the easiest standardized test I have ever taken. If you have taken geometry you'd have at least half the math questions answered. If you can speak with correct grammar in daily conversation you can ace the grammar section. And finally if you've taken AP language the critical reading would be rather mild. You don't need to be an asian genius to do well on that test.

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