• The immigration process is not fair.

    To become a citizen, Immigrants are required to take a test while has some ridiculous questions. An American would not be able to answer those questions so how can the government expect foreigners to know the answers. This is my opinion. I also need 9 more words to submit this answer.

  • Because hard times are coming and we need to stand together as one.

    Whats going to happen after everyone goes to war or ends up being put in a bad situation why does the government lie to us on a day to day basis the world is flat ad the proof is hidden take the fish eye fuck that lets take whatever is coming together as one.

  • Yes it should be revised.

    Immigration laws currently make the process of becoming a legal resident of the united states very hard and long for people. I honestly think that, the laws should be revised to have the process be shorter and allow those people whom are already in the United States to stay here. Most of the immigrants are here to support their family. They're hard workers and only want a good paying job. No I'm not saying the law should allow criminals here much less those people whom are gangs. But I am saying that the process should be easier to go through for those actually chasing the "American dream" which now days is hard to achieve.

  • Immigration laws hinder our economy and our country.

    America used to welcome immigrants. In fact, the majority of our population immigrated here from another country. Current immigration laws make it difficult for people to legally immigrate to America. These people offer potential tax revenue, useful skills, or honest labor. By making it difficult for these people to enter the country, we lose out on any talents or ideas they could bring to our country, along with the much needed extra tax revenue.

  • They're too complicated.

    Yes, I think that immigration laws should be revised, because right now a person in Mexico who does not already have a relative in the country has little chance of coming here legally. Since they have no hope, they risk it and come here without papers. They should be allowed to come but they should be ineligible for any types of handouts for their entire lives.

  • Yes, I think immigration laws should be revised.

    I think there needs to substantial reform in the immigration laws in the United States, I think overall the laws needs to be updated to deal with the situation of the substantial number of illegal immigrants inside the Country already and a plan on how to deal with them that everyone can agree on.

  • No, immigration laws should not be revised.

    I do not think that immigration laws should be revised because I do not see anything wrong with how it is right now. I think that revising immigration laws would be unnecessary. I think it would be more important that if the United States enforce the laws it has right now regarding immigration.

  • Revise and Enforce

    The laws on immigration we have now are not enforced in the first place, especially by our President who is above the law. I do believe we need immigrants in this country for our economy. We killed off 1/3 our workforce through abortion. A lot of people in America don't want to work and live off of welfare. There are jobs out there, but they aren't willing to work hard for them in most cases. (I'm not judging all cases. Every situation is different.) I personally know many immigrants who just want to work to support their family and do work very hard, many hours, with low pay. They are grateful and see themselves as guests in this country. I believe getting a work visa should be very easy. Welfare should not be given. Make it easier to become an immigrant. Kick out of the country drug dealers and criminals. ENFORCE. Let those people who are law abiding live the American Dream. :) After all, most of us are immigrants to this country.

  • No, immigration laws should not be revised.

    The current laws help sort out the dedicated from the free loaders. As in the hard workers instead of the people only coming over to run off welfare. They allow for the best to come in and ensures that the good come over and the people that can't handle it because all they want to do is freeload tend to hop the border exploiting our free school system.

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  • No, I feel immigration laws should stay the same.

    While there is a lot of talk these days about modifying immigration law so that illegal immigrants can gain citizenship, I feel this is extremely unfair to people in countries other than Mexico. There are limits to how many people can come to the U.S., and people end up on waiting lists or not being able to come at all. It would be unfair to make the road to citizenship easier for people who have broken the law, compared to people who have patiently followed the law and waited.

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