Do you think in the future we would prevent global warming ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes it could

    Yes we can prevent global warming in the future.Because now a day we all try to figure out how to solve the problem.Now we build solar power panel which may reduce pollution . Also if people comsume less we can prevent such cases.Also stop cut down rainforest. We can do.

  • I don't think so.

    Although our technology is extremely advanced and is growing every day, it simply doesn't sound possible to reverse a naturally-occurring process like global warming with nothing but technology, whose manufacturers are partially contributing to global warming already! We can't completely eliminate it. We can, however, partially change global warming so it's not as much as a threat by not using as much CO2 among other actions. It's a nice thing to imagine global warming completely disappearing from the Earth's atmosphere, but the best I believe we can do is to make it less of a threat. Otherwise, it will just stay there.

  • We human beings care about ourselves

    Unfortunately, we wouldn't. There have been many alternative choices and organisations have tried hard to reduce its impact by introducing Kyoto Protocol for instance. However, the countries that produce too many carbon dioxide gases, such as China and Brazil, don't sign the contract simply because they want to earn money. We burn fossil fuels although we know the consequences of it. I think we're too selfish.

  • Do you think in the future we would prevent global warming

    We could but we simply wont because to many people don not think we can. We can find other energy sources that does not burn stuff which destroys the ozone letting the sun's rays through causing the planet to warm up melting the ice caps causing the oceans to rise.

  • Even if there was a way...

    ... We wouldn't do anything simply because many of us don't see or realize that this is a problem. I have even heard some people say that it's just a hoax to trap us. The earth, the only thing we can survive on, is slowly being destroyed by ourselves. No matter how many ads or commercials or people speaking out about this, no one will listen and keep on doing the wrong thing. We are running out of time I'm truly worried that we won't live on this earth after the next five years. I don't really know if its even possibly to create anything to reverse global warming, we have to do that ourselves by changing the way we live. That's the worst thing I dislike about our world; we never call an emergency until it's too late.

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