• As Part of Overall Strategy

    Investing in gold is a good thing in terms of an overall investment strategy. Precious metals should be part of a comprehensive investment package. However, there should also be investments in stocks, interest-bearing bank accounts and in currency. Gold is one way to help negate fluctuations in stock prices. However, no one should put every penny of investment income into gold.

  • Investing in gold is smart.

    Investing is things like gold and silver can be a very wise decision. They are commodities that hold value over time - more so than things like stocks or bonds. If you are able to buy when prices are low you can make a large and safe investment with a big return margin.

  • Yes it is.

    Investing in gold usually is a good idea. The reason for this is that gold is a precious metal and it always retains its quality. When a currency drops, the value of gold actually shoots up. And if you trade in at that time, you can make hefty currency investments.

  • Yes, investing in gold is good.

    Gold is a standard of what value is. Although our currency is no longer based on the metal, gold has kept its value. Unless someone strikes an absurd amount of gold in the future, or we fully comprehend alchemy, gold is going to retain its value. If the US Dollar was to fail, many people would lose a large portion of their savings due to depreciation, while gold would hold consistent if not increase due to demand in a stable currency/value object.

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