• investing in Netflix

    Yes I do think that investing in Netflix is a good idea. They are a very popular way of watching your favorite shows and movies. They are available online on the computer as well as xbox's and playstations. It is easy and convenient and putting some money into this could yield good results in the long run.

  • Invest, invest, invest!

    Netflix is a company on the upswing. With some of the most creative television being produced and shown there, blockbuster movies available at a click, and no commercials, many discerning TV viewers drop the regular cable TV package in favor of watching Netflix on their computers. TV is on the way out and Netflix is a company that will continue to grow and profit.

  • Netflix is a good investment

    There is a whole new way of watching media and Netflix is giving people what they want at a price they can afford. As long as it is affordable and flexible, then it can't fail. The issue is can Netflix keep their prices low and beat off any potential competitors? If they can, then they will stay ahead and keep all the shareholders happy.

  • Netflix stocks to keep climbing

    The fact if the matter is after Blockbuster closed shop all its customers conveniently moved to Netflix for service who did not disappoint. They know the pulse of their customers and have adapted to their changing demands. Despite competition from Amazon, their stock is trading between $300 - $400 mark. They are now planning to expand untapped market in Europe now so things only get rosier at this point.

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