• Yes, Amazon may lose some investors.

    The stockmarket is volatile, so people are always selling certain stocks. But Amazon has been more problematic in that it doesn't really turn a profit. Jeff Bezos is so focused on being the best that some items (such as the Kindle) are possibly sold at cost or a loss, and books and other items are, as well. It will likely need to start pulling a real profit for investors to get excited about it and want to stick with it.

  • No investors are not going pull out of Amazon.

    Amazon has already proven its long-term ability to generate customer growth and loyalty. The amount of the online marketplace they own can't be matched by any retailer, Walmart included. The value of their retail and technology operations is unmatched. With the release of the Fire phone they will only take more customer share from others in the cell business.

  • No, it's a staple for iinternet buys everywhere!

    There is a difference between being a smart investor and being dumb. The presence Amazon has on the Internet is undeniable any investor who removes themselves is surely nearsighted. Minor lapses and pitfalls happen but it depends on the resiliency of the company and because of Amazon's long track record and reputation for being one of the biggest sources for online shopping there is no way smart investors will back out.

  • Amazon is too successful.

    Amazon is a huge company that is very useful for both consumers and investors. The company makes a lot of profit. Because the company is so successful, it is my belief that pulling out from Amazon would be a big mistake for any investor. Amazon is a great company to invest in, in my opinion.

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