• Yes, "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" should be required read for business majors in college.

    Yes, "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" should be read for its benefits and insights that it provides. This book describes and explains how the wealth of a nation is directly driven by the IQ of its people. It is a great business model which is why all business majors should be required to read it. It will benefit them when implemented on their lives as well as in the business world to which they will be in.

  • Yes...I mean hell yes

    Immigrant, running from Hispanic culture, the reason so many countries fail is because they do what feels right. Most of hispanic countries do so. The US didn't got to be where it is by being a socialist nation and most problems today have been born out of economical government intervention.

    If you don't try to steer markets, they won't go berserk.

    Posted by: N711
  • Yes I do.

    IQ and the Wealth of Nations should be required reading for any business major in college. I think it is important to understand why some nations are doing better than others and why that is. Some areas of the world know to value the education system more because the people in school will take over some day.

  • Not important enough

    IQ and The Wealth of Nations is any interesting book and an interesting book to read, but there are for more important books to read. People enjoy compelling, well written books but those books are often trying to get a point across, and aren't totally current or representative of all information.

  • No, this book is racist nonsense

    This book pretends to knowledge it does not have. For example, when it authors
    do not know the average IQ of a particular country, they simply take an average
    of the IQ measurements of nearby countries that do offer data. Then, they
    extrapolate from this made up data to reach the conclusions that suit the thesis
    they began with. Rich countries are rich because their people are smart, and
    poor countries are poor because their people are not so smart. This is racist
    garbage, and no one at the college level should bother to read it.

  • Book Is Biased

    I do not believe the book, IQ and the Wealth of Nations should be required reading for business majors in college unless professors are going to point out the bias and false facts contained in the book. I do not believe the book is accurate and passing on these biases to college students would be a huge mistake.

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