• Yes, as they probably should.

    At the end of the day, the US or any similarly armed countries telling Iran that they have no right to such weaponry, is hypocritical at best, ignorant at worst.

    After all, the US is the only nation with a history of past use of nuclear arms.

    I can't blame Iran for wanting nuclear weapons when everyone around her accuses her of being a terror nation - while that might be true, the country has the right to protect its interests as much as anyone else. Perhaps if enemies such as the US and Israel disavowed their own stockpiles of these weapons, the case against Iran's status of a nuclear superpower would have merit.

  • Iran is a peaceful country.

    Iran is a Islamic country and in Islam tell to Muslims and other people of the world war is the worst solution for disagreement. Islam invite every body to peace and defense of innocent people even unbelievers. Also the leader of Iran told them " having Nuclear weapon is illegal and unlawful" and he forbade to build Nuclear weapon.

  • Absence of any evidence

    There has been no evidence. Not from the IAEA not from the United States or any other country that confirms the presence of nuclear weapons. All that has been said against Iran has just been speculations or possibilities. Infact, around 17 us intelligence agencies have acknowledged that Iran does not possess any nuclear weapons.

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