• They encourage it.

    Yes, I think that Islam justifies suicide bombers, because that is one thing that is encouraged in their religion. In Islam, they are encouraged to stone adulterers, and to make people convert by killing their families. Just look at the way they celebrate in Muslim countries when people attack Americans or Israelis.

  • Islam justifies suicide bombers

    Islam does justifie suicide bombers. They think that because they are committing these acts of crime that they are doing this for god and it is what god wants. They feel that they are removing the religions that they do not think belong here on earth to make way for only theres.

  • Hell no bruh

    I have to write 50 words but there's only one thing i can say

    "Who is Islam?"

    That should be enough of a response from me and anyone else who wishes to reply with a no. There wasn't even a necessary reason to post this dumb arse question bruh just no.

  • Islam doesn't justify suicide bombers or any other terror attacts in the name of Allah!

    Because of having some bad examples doesn't mean that; exceptions could break the rule. Those who think Islam justify any kinds of violent activity; at least should do some research/read a little about Islam and have a chance to see/learn how peaceful it actually is:
    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once saw the corpse of a woman who had been killed in a military action, and he disapproved of it and forbade the killing of women and children.Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad and his successor as head of the Muslim community, advised one of his military commanders: “Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place.” Al-Muwatta:V21N9-10
    They are the losers, those who make the religion hard and tough. They imperil themselves who enforce tough practices of Islam. They destroy themselves, those who are extremes.
    ——— Prophet Muhammad (s) as reported by Ibn Masud in Sahih Muslim.
    “I’m amazed, that how salam (peace) is always the first word to start a meeting. But in prayer it is the end word. Maybe it means the end of prayer is the start of a meeting…”
    ——— Ali Shahri’ati.

  • No, nothing justifies suicide bombing

    Nothing justifies killing innocent men women and children
    who are going about their daily routine. The Lord does not desire it, nor does
    any law of man. Yet, though suicide bombers do a great evil, they are not the
    real evildoers. The vilest men are those who make puppets, who seduce young
    believers into killing themselves. These fiends promise heaven and glory, and
    then go on to the next dupe, the next directed suicide, never putting
    themselves in a moment’s danger.

  • Does Not Justify

    No, I do not believe Islam justifies suicide bombers. The whole of Islam has earned a bad name because of the extremists, but people need to remember that the common followers of Islam are not much different than the common followers of Christianity. Christianity doesn't have a pure background itself. The Catholic Church supported the Crusade and killed many, that doesn't mean the religion supported that idea either.

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