Do you think Islam will eventually take over Europe?

Asked by: yuyudude1
  • It's all about birthrates

    Given that native European birthrates are dropping and Muslim immigrants have on average higher ones, it's only a matter of time before Muslims are a sizeable enough chunk of the European demographic to be able to force their values on Europe. I estimate within 50 years, many Western European countries will be majority Muslim (France is already at 15% Muslim, that's crazy!)

  • There is ONLY ISLAM.

    Yes, Islam will rule Europe and the world.
    The number 1 baby name in the UK now is Mohammad. In Germany, Germany women are converting to Islam by the tens of thousands.
    Merkel has clearly stated that Germany WILL accept another 5 million muslims. MACRON in France has already publicly stated there will be 20 million African Muslims in Europe by 2050. In Luton as one example, 25 yrs ago there was 1 mosque, Now there are 63. Muslim. Women in europe already outbreed european women 11 - 1.
    I could go on and on and on. But Yes, Europes future is set and will be Islamic. There is simply no way to stop it now.

  • World will be 80% Muslims and 20% atheists at some point in 21st century.

    Across the world you see that even an educated muslim majority country believes that questioning religion is punishable by death ( either death comes leagally or by religious people. Apart from that the practices are such that it makes non believers of allah as a suppressed class. They have more children since they think it’s their duty. They either kill or exclude non believers from society.
    Not even the non believers parents can dare to support the non believers. Mandatory attendance at religious place. Can marry multiple wife as long as 1st one is a Muslim. If not convert her to Muslim before marriage. You will hardly see a Muslim converting to non Muslim for marriage. The 2nd and 2rd wife can be non Muslims and they will be treated as lower species than 1st wife( who is a Muslim).

    So, we just have to accept the fact that world will have majority Muslims and there would be suppression of non Muslims and eventually who world will have 80_% Muslims a 20% athiests. These athiests will be killled eventually . Then there will be fight between Shia and Sunni for supremacy.

  • Of course they will!

    In any society, Muslims typically have higher birth rates than other communities. It is only a matter of time before they become a minority sizeable enough to sway electoral outcomes. Political parties will then start pandering to their interests. In a few decades, Muslims will demand seperate Sharia zones, and start secessionist movements. This is exactly what they did in 1947 in India. The moment the British left, Muslims carved out a seperate theocratic state for themselves, while the majority Hindus settled for a secular state. If you don't learn from your mistakes in the past, you are certain to make them again in the future. Europeans where utterly wrong to have invited so many Muslims home. Europe is doomed. :(

  • They are doing very well at taking over many city's all ready in the UK

    They have already taken over many parts of the UK all ready take a look around sheffield Doncaster Rotherham for a start there are no zone areas for white people they breed 10 to 1 of the white folk Folk you have to be blind stupid or both not to see what is coming in the future sharia law

  • Looks that way

    The terrorist have succeeded in destabilizing the middle east.
    Millions of Muslims have fled to Europe. From a Terrorist viewpoint even though they lost the Kalifate they have been succesfull in spreading islam faster through West and southern Europe by taking over after the Arab Spring. Europe will only islamize faster, it won't take a 100 years for Islam to be the dominant religion of western and southern Europe. It's the end of Western Culture and civilization. After that we all will live in a police state under Sharia Law. Islam will never go away.

    Islam is a breeding ground for Terrorism. Every muslim majority country is a police state / dictatorship. Islam doesn't allow a democracy. It's never has. In a democracy you have to life together with other peoples with other way's of life. Islam never has.

    It's very intolerant to infedel peoples. There is genocide of other peoples in muslim country's since mohammed they have and still are killing other groups: gay's, Judes, Bisexuals, Christians, Kops, Kurds, Jezidis, hindu's, budist, Armenians, Also the arab race hate's all other races who don't look arab. They even kill other arab people for not looking arab enough women not wearing burka, men not growing beard or looking to western. It's a sekt trying to take over the world.

  • GB, France, and Germany are already completely compromised

    Check out articles at Gatestone Institute. Leadership in France are discussing a 2-state solution as we speak. Grooming gangs in GB are raping women in mass. American and West European media are playing it down because the globalists are pulling their strings. Good ol fashioned nationalism is the thing that might save us (the world).

  • Of course it will

    Those people are parasites. If you let them take over they will. Its just common sense. Merkel and Soros are demons hell bent on taking over the world. Mohammed is liberal pedophile like most american democrats and he likes to diddle little boys. Death to all jihadists M A G A

  • Google siener van rensburg

    He lived in south africa died in 1925 he predicted all that is happening now a lot was about south africa but also about europe . If you asked someone then about the things he said they would have said you are talking nonsense.
    Europe is already at war but when russia goes into turkey thats when an all out war will begin.
    Islam could not walk into a country with weapons and take it over but they saw that by using birth rate its only a matter of time .
    How can merkel let 90 % of males into germany and not see woman will pay the price .
    These thugs is coming to rape their woman and destroy ther way of life and force islam on them.

  • The muslims will take Europe in a few decades We Need National Socialism I knew it Adolf Hitler was right

    As I see in my country many muslims are walking in the streets and some I saw disrespect christians or athiests and if the EU keep on opening our borders were doomed maybe my sib would be raped by an ugly muslim or even beat me up because Im christian

  • This is not the 1900's

    When you say 'taking over ' I'm getting the impression that you are talking about controlling or conquering . This does not happen now in the modern era . Yes , Ukraine and Russia are having a similar case right now in the modern era , but none of it is and never will be to the extend that changes the whole political state of a continent .

  • Nothing to Fear

    Birth rates won't mean much if Euro born Muslims don't pass on their faith to future generations. They could assimilate to the local culture, not necessarily convert, but the mix of cultures could turn them either disillusioned with religion or benignly tolerant. Besides, even if a Muslim majority wanted to impose their religious views on everyone they'd have to argue against decades of legal precedent designed to prevent religious groups from imposing their values on everyone else.

  • No way we won't let it!

    Well off starters the far right is rising lots across Europe with marine or pen nearly winning in France And gert wilders becoming more popular in the Netherlands And in the UK we as slowly waking up and if we carry on Britain First or the EDL will be elected in around 50 years who will then ban islam then the muslims will cry out "racism discrimination" they will then either be locked up or thrown out of Britain and the Christian faith shall prevail! We shall never let this satanic filthy disgusting religion take our continent from us!

  • Bad ideas cannot win.

    That would mean Europe giving up beer; gay people giving up homosexuality; men and women would no longer mix in the work place; no piggy sandwiches; the call to prayer projected over towns and city’s; dogs banned from public transportation; no love island; no porn; no clubbing; no pubbing; no criticism of religion; science would be inferior to Mohammed’s teachings; women possibly expected to be in polygamous relationships; a prison population with hands and feet missing; What about the Queen!!! If these things were imposed on people against their will civil war would be inevitable, then and only then in Europe’s defeat would Europe become an Islamic state, this all sounds highly unlikely.
    However many wars in the past probably seemed unlikely at the time. Who knows, let’s hope not.

  • I dont think so

    Europe has always rose to diversity and will never be dictated by a power in this case its not Muslim power but its Shite Law which is against Freedom. Christians that are based in Europe are free because of Jesus , and if Europe was smart they would ban a religion that was dark and overshadows Christianity.. Arabs are welcomed to be Europeans but they must respect European ways

  • The blowback is already here

    I dont think europe will fall to muslims. Yes their numbers will grow but the blowback is already here. Right wing parties are doing well especially in germany and sweden which no one thought possible for obvious reasons. But these are not the parties that will solve the problem. Eventually, others will come around when the situation gets worst (and it will). Europe will fall in dark times and it will be another dark chapter on our history but a new europe will rise, stronger than before. The looney liberals will pay either by europeans or islamists. When desperate times come, the words racist and islamiphobic wont mean a thing because at the end of the day, I would allie with someone like hitler than having europe turn muslims...It is hard to say this but I know many people will think the same. Desperate times, desperate measures and loosing is not an option nor will it happen.

  • Britain first/ EDL never let it happem

    If islam continues the way it is although liberal governments keep appeasing muslims and persecuting patriots and Christians Britain first will be elected and will eradicate islam from Britain and if the muslims call them "racist or bigots" they will throw them out of Britain! Also marine or pen nearly won the vote in France so highly unlikely Europe will submit to the satanic and cursed religion of Islam

  • Nope, at some point even sjw's will wake up

    I think the political opinion will shift dramatically, and that, before the muslims are the majority. The careers of our slimey politicians will be threatened by a shifting voting behaviour and whether they like it or not, they will have to adapt to survive. More and more people will see the muslim community for what it actually is, the majority of it in support of strict sharia, and thus, extreme, being fought by a truly moderate minority that uses their brain.
    Also, in Germany there is a law for example, that allows cititzens to, (violentley) protect the fdGO (look it up, it's basically the "constitiution"). So, even if all else fails, 2/3 of germans would have to approve for this to be changed, and there is also the unchangeable core of rights, Europe and Germany won't be given up without a fight and this is the worst case scenario. In reality, we usually have a mix of optimist and pessimist forecasts, Europe is structurally damaged by the migrants, but probabally it won't fall altogether, though I really cannot care for the European Union anymore. They have failed in providing the european countries with stability and have made massive mistakes (also: massive international lobbying), and the aspects of the EU which have brought prosperity can be more or less easils replaced with trade deals.
    I want my ideals and the values of the european people to survive, even if it means going back to more nationalist strucutures. Maybe the only reason we fear nationalism is due to it's bonds to national socialism, maybe nationalism even provides room for a national identity and values, there are always alternative solutions, and only the close-minded would assume to know definetely how something will pan out and how many ways there are to solve a problem.

  • That is not the end game, but yes a deceiving elite want a clash of civilisations.

    Currently waves of muslim migrants to Europe are being used by non-muslim elites to destabilise western societies. Presuming current trends continue then yes Islam would take over... But this is not the end game at all, this is obvious. Whoever the elite are, and that itself is a very complex topic, they are not interested in a world dominated by Islam. To the elite, the islamist masses are just useful idiots (I am not calling them idiots, merely theorising the mindset of others). What is likely is that the current birthrates won't matter a damn when the GMO and other crap they've fed the migrant masses take hold of them in 2 or 3 generations. All of a sudden there will be no babies.

  • Not on Serbia's watch, or Russia

    Serbia despises Islam. Even if ISIS wins against Serbia, they will lose a ton of men. Then there is Russia. Russia, with the strongest, best equipped, and best trained army in Europe, wouldn't let it happen. I have nothing against Islam, all religions have their radicals, but ISIS will never win Europe.

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