Do you think Israel's land should be shared with Palestine or other Arab nations?

  • Yes, the land means nothing to many of the innocents who die from the fighting.

    I believe any type of holy war, whether waged over land or principle, is a waste of time and resources and should be avoided at all costs. When you view this land dispute with some objectivity, you realize the collosal irrelevance of it all. The importance of the land is only religious, which I find ludicrous, and nowhere near worth losing thousands of lives over. Thus, it should be simply divided to stop the pointless bickering.

  • I believe they're should be sharing between the two.

    I believe that Israel should share with Palestine and Egypt, as the Israeli's were not originally in that land while these other two groups were. While I am not advocating that the Palestinians or Egyptian's take over the Israeli's land, I do think that the three countries should work together on a way to get along.

  • They'll Never Be Satisfied

    I do not believe Israel should share land with Palestine or other Arab nations. Ideally maybe it would benefit from being set up a different way or maybe not being cut into so many small sections. The problem with this area is each individual group wants it for their own and they don't seem to want to share at all. Wars and fighting have been a part of this area for so long, I don't think we'll ever see true peace there. Unless, the people who inhabit that area lay down their weapons and actually try to accomodate the needs and desires of everyone.

  • It was promised to Israel.

    No, I do not think that Israel's land should be shared with Palestine or other Arab nations, because it was promised to Israel. God promised the land to Israel many times in the Bible. The world fulfilled the promise when they gave the land to Israel after World War II. It would be ethically wrong to take that promise back now, after Israel has established itself.

  • Israel is its own country

    No, their land should not be shared with the other surrounding Arab nations. Israel should be considered their own individual country, and have a governing body and military just like the rest of the countries. Palestine and the other surrounding countries need to leave them alone, and end the feuding that has been going on for centuries.

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