Do you think it is appropriate for a male football team to have a female coach?

  • Coaching doesn't depend on gender

    A good coach is hard to fine. A great coach is so hard to find, that whether a person is male or female should not be considered. Coaching is about bringing out the best in a team with the knowledge that education and experience brings. If a person is disqualified because they are of the opposite gender than the team, then it's the team that suffers.

  • Employment should be open to all genders

    A male football team should absolutely be able to have a female coach. Female teams have male coaches all the time, so to say that a male football team should not have a female coach is a huge double standard. In fact, not allowing a woman to apply for the coaching position of a male football team is discriminatory and a violation of her civil rights.

  • Yes, coaching is based on talent and intellect

    The role of coaching requires strategic thinking and intelligence to give teams the best chance of winning. This is a role that women can very easily fill. It is an old stereotype to assume all women are meek and unable to make themselves heard, as many women are successful in business as executives, a similar role to coaching.

  • Yes, a Female Coach is Appropriate for an all Male Team

    A female coach is appropriate for an all male team. As long as a coach can teach, inspire and train the players, their sex should not matter. If the coach is properly trained and is able to communicate effectively with the players, then whether they are male or female will not make a difference.

  • Sometimes it depends on gender

    Especially when you know that players are pervs and they want to do or say things to the coach especially if she wearing something like sports bras or yoga pants. If some players are having this problem let the women stay and cut the players off the team and end it

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