• Yes because they did not do it!

    1 trillion was missing from the US and it was being investigated by a group that worked in the building. A bunch of CEOs decided to not go that day to work. The presidents brother canceled his meeting at the last moment and only told some of coworkers that it was canceled.
    One person who worked with the government owned a high tech company that specialized with high tech termite. The building had "mysterious" renovations done weeks to months before on specific floors. Government military contracts were ending.
    Then on that day.
    The major had for some reason moved the agency of emergency to the tower where the workers were unable to coordinate. The firemen were given faulty equipment so that they would not receive the warning to evacuate. The building rather than slowly melt and slowly collapse collapse like a demolition. People took pictures of thermite residue found in the wrekage but the mayor sent all of the trucks to pick up the evidence I mean debrie. They could at least return the bodies but the bodies were treated like garbage and became material for new streets.

    Among the millions of scatter papers they found the intact ID of the people "responsible" Meanwhile at the other site the petagon the plane hit they only empty spot that was emotpy because of construction.

    People saw the cops and firemen and the people saying it was the arabs. Then some people claimed Muslims were dancing on new jershy but failed to even snag a video or picture.
    Now that gave the gov a reason to invade for oil and for the opiom fields.
    Ask yourself have the US faked and attack or provoked one for war. Like the alamo and the boat that was attacked by a enemy mine.
    What do I know I mean I read history books and checked facts scattered about. Just lable me a loon and look at your news and movies that tell you muslims are bad. So bad that you have to invade them.

  • Yes, I believe it is appropriate to have the WTC Muslim Center near ground zero.

    Yes, I do believe it is appropriate, but I believe that a celebration of every religion should be featured in that area. The hate that caused the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center could have been avoided by an understanding of the many different views and cultures throughout the world. If everyone understood and accepted each others differences, maybe terrorism would stop.

  • Muslim's died in the tower as well that were not terrorists.

    While the terrorist attacks were caused by Muslim terrorists, there were still some innocent Muslims that died in the attacks. We should be angry at the Muslims that caused and perpetrated the attacks, not the innocent ones that have an equal right to mourn their lost ones as any Christian or other religion that did.

  • It would offend 9/11 survivors, and the families of victims

    The bombing was caused by Muslims, and now we congratulate them by letting them make a memorial to their religion near the site. It's almost like letting Japan put a memorial at Pearl Harbor, saying, "The slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans was just". This event is traumatic. If you nearly died there, would you want the perpetrators to be accepted? NO, you wouldn't.

  • Hell no never in my lifetime.

    These people are very disrespectful towards Americans of many races. This is disrespect to the victims of 9/11 even the firemen that risked there lives to save the people in the building. This goes around the country as a big problem. But these people are very disrespectful towards Americans of many races i am only a 16 year old what do i know about this for all i know i could be called racist and disrespectful but here me out this should not happen ever as
    long as we are sane. Please hear me out. #never happen

  • Having the WTC Muslim Center near Ground Zero is unnaceptable

    Having the WTC Muslim Center near Ground Zero is unnaceptable. I don't care how much they support Americans and their way of life and feel for the people who perished on 9/11, to many Americans that is a sign of disrespect. They could have easily build their WTC Muslim Center somewhere farther away from Ground Zero, but they chose not to. It's as if they were looking to piss someone off.

  • I don't think it is appropriate to have the WTC Muslim Center near Ground Zero.

    I don't think it is appropriate to have the WTC Muslim Center near Ground Zero. I think it is poor taste to place a Muslim Center near ground zero, since the events of 9/11 are psychologically connected with Islam for the people that were near ground zero on 9/11 or for people who lost friends and family in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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