Do you think it is beneficial to Malaysian students that schools will begin to teach them anti-ISIS lessons?

  • Malaysian students to benefit from anti-ISIS teachings

    Students in Malaysia would benefit from anti-ISIS lessons in schools. One major way to combat terrorism is through education. Teaching about the violent ways of the extremist organization would go along with this philosophy. Malaysia's location in Southeast Asia and its lack of recognition of Israel could fuel the rise of extremism.

  • They should hear more than propaganda

    Children in many nations would benefit from anti-ISIS lessons as the organization is very effective at spreading their message, especially through the use of social media. Children spend a lot of time on social media and that is not the only information they should be receiving. It would benefit the teachers as well.

  • Carefully thought out anti-ISIS lessos would be beneficial

    I do believe that anti-ISIS lessons will benefit Malaysian students. However, I also believe that theses lessons have to be carefully thought out as to prevent students from becoming hateful and equally radical. Teachers would have to receive extensive training on the subject in order for this undertaking to be successful, otherwise it has huge chances of back lashing.

  • Anti-Isis Lessons Non-beneficial

    It would not be beneficial to any students, regardless of what country they live in to be taught anti-ISIS lessons. Since ISIS is a social construct it will most likely fade to the background in a few years. Dedicating lessons to ISIS versus a subject that would be more useful to students in their lives (physical education, cooking or banking for example) would be detrimental to their adult lives.

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