Do you think it is ethical for parents to choose the sex of their children before they are born?

  • Yes, it is ethical to decide the sex of the child before birth.

    Yes, choosing the sex of a child before birth is ethical. In some cultures, one sex has a better chance of success than the other. Wanting your child to be as successful as possible is a natural incliination for a parent. If the parent can provide a better platform for success, then the parent should always do so,

  • sex of their children

    I personally agree,No, definitely not. Once you start messing with stuff like that, that hole that you start digging never ends. If something like this started to be prevalent, can you imagine what would come next? And plus if you are ready for a baby... being responsible parents, it shouldn't matter!!!
    And yeah. You can't play God. It should not and I hope it will not ever be your own decision to make.

  • No It's Not

    I believe it is unhealthy for the population to mess with natural gender selection when it comes to babies. I believe nature balances out the genders quite nicely on its own and messing with it (like with the one child policy) it causes problems for the society when the effects of these abilities become more obvious.

  • No: It is Not Ethical for Parents to Determine Their Children's Sex

    Choosing the sex of your child represents the slippery slope to a world of so-called transhumanism, where people become nothing more than designer products. Already people are viewed as little more than consumers or worker bees. When we start customizing their sex, we are a short distance from picking eye color and IQ. At that point, we become engineers working on dehumanized products. We lose our humanity.

  • Is it ethical to choose the sex of their children before born?

    I do not believe that it is okay to choose the sex of your child before it's born , it's not natural and i feel like the kids that their sex is choosen for them may come out a little messed up when they are older or even confused about who they are.

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