Do you think it is fair for the people of Iran to also be blamed when its all the government and presidents fault?

Asked by: AceBro
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  • Absolutely not. That's very stupid.

    First of all their government IS NOT making nuclear weapons they're making a new energy source for the people. Second of all they don't have control on what their government does. Would you blame all Americans for the murderers in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or else where?. There are over 80 million Iranians.

  • It wasn't their fault

    Did they elect the government and president? If so, they probably didn't know what they were doing. Those poor people who did nothing like children and women did nothing to do with this and they were punished for absolutely nothing. They are not allowed out-of-country and that is just plain wrong.

  • What did the people do?

    People who do not know much about Iran, mostly blame the whole country not the ones who are making he decisions. People want to be free however thanks to society countries no longer give out visa's easily and in this case the people of Iran are trapped in there own country. I think that this is against the human rights because it goes against freedom and people clearly do not have that in Iran.

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