Do you think it is fair to label Andrea Dworkin as a radical feminist?

  • Yes,it is fair to label Andrea Dworkin as a radical feminist.

    Yes,it is fair to label Andrea Dworkin as a radical feminist.Most people feel like pornography is a kind of rite of passage and somewhat healthy when used appropriately.This went against Dworkin's theory that pornography was nothing but unhealthy imprisonment for women that was bound to cause problems for everyone involved.

  • I Would Agree

    Given Andrea Dworkin's extreme conservative views regarding feminism, I do believe it is fair to call her beliefs radical. I would especially say this in regard to her view on pornography which are not necessarily in line with the majority as far as women's rights. I for one, certainly don't agree with many of her stances.

  • Andrea Dworkin was a Radical Feminist

    Radical Feminist is a modern day term that keeps shifting in meaning. Andrea Dworkin fits under this title because she was saying and standing up against causes in her time that no one else was. By bringing to the forefront women's issues in pornography, she brought to light problems that otherwise would not have been looked at so closely.

  • Dworkin a Radical Feminist

    Without a doubt, Andrea Dworkin is a radical feminisit, and very little room for debate exists on the matter. She has repeatedly flashed views that are radical and aimed at empowering women through non-traditional means. She is the very definition of a radical feminist in this day and age today.

  • Her stances Against Porn are Correct

    Andrea Dworkin's views on porn are correct. The porn industry increases rape and violence against women and should be curtailed and even banned. Porn is usually directed by men who film women getting naked and having sex with men. It's very demeaning to women and men feel empowered to control women after saturating their minds with porn. I've seen this firsthand with my stepdaughter's biological father who is addicted to porn and then proceeded to sexually abuse his four biological children.

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