Do you think it is hypocritical of WalMart to sell health insurance when it doesn't offer many of its employees health insurance?

  • WallMart's interesting choice of sales.

    Not that WallMart wasn't already suspect with being one of the most dangerous places to go shopping and now Ironically it is going to sell Health Insurance. How are employee's going to sell health care when they don't even get it working there themselves? I think WallMart is going to have some serious finance issues if they begin this.

  • Walmart Health Insurance

    Yes I do indeed think that it is very hypocritical for the company of Walmart to want to sell health insurance but to not want to offer any of its employees any kinds of health insurance. You need to set an example and if you support it why would you not use it.

  • Yes, it is extremely hypocritical of WalMart to sell health insurance.

    As one of the largest US corporations, Wal-Mart is naturally exposed to a high degree of media attention, and rightfully so. Wal-Mart is easily among the most conspicuous brands in the entire US consumer retail market, with thousands of stores spread throughout the continental US and beyond. This being the case, it is only right that we should scrutinize the way they treat their employees. It doesn't take much scrutiny to conclude that Wal-Mart has failed nearly every possible measure of the way it treats its employees. As thousands of American workers know, working at Wal-Mart is not a good way to make ends meet, and forget trying to raise a family. Consequently, many Wal-Mart employees are also recipients of some form of government welfare. This amounts to an effective government subsidy of Wal-Mart, and even with such beneficial conditions, Wal-Mart still cannot manage to provide any kind of health insurance for the majority of its employees. To turn around and ask that consumers purchase health insurance from Wal-Mart, then, is downright disgraceful.

  • Yes, It Is

    Wal Mart is all about hypocritical in a variety of ways and if they're offering health insurance then they've just added another thing to a very long list. People shouldn't support Wal Mart nor should they shop there. As soon as we wean ourselves off of that place the quicker our economy can rebound.

  • Choice of Job, Choice of Products

    As a company Wal-Mart has its choice of what to sell and what to offer its employees. Remember you do not have to work for Wal-Mart, you are choosing to go along with their provided benefits. If you disagree with what they are providing, then you can simply move on from that job. Wal-Mart selling health insurance is about as hypocritical as a store selling condoms not providing their employees any. As it stands, health insurance is a benefit/privilege not a right. Its Wal-Marts right to decide how to run their business within regulations. However this decision may not be good for PR, it is not necessarily hypocritical, which is what this debate is about. What a company sells has no effect on employee entitlements, and therefore is not hypocritical. (Note: I do not actually believe this is a good decision for Wal-Mart, however a one sided debate is no fun)

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