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  • No, it is not important to know the origin of a drink's name.

    The origin of a drinks name is irrelevant to whether you like it or not. If you choose your drinks based on their name, you are not really picking a drink but rather you are picking a vibe to give off. Knowing the origins of a drink name might be interesting trivia but should not enjoy your enjoyment of a drink making it irrelevant.

  • No, it can be interesting to know the origin of a drink's name but it is not important.

    Most people picking up a can of pop or drinking their favorite beer don't give any thought to the origins of its name. The history behind the name may well be fascinating and provide an insight into the drink's ingredients or inventors but few people are really interested in learning more so long as the drink quenches their thirst.

  • The name origin is not important

    The name origin is not important if you just want a drink. If you are in a group of people at a tavern and want to have something to discuss, knowing the name's origin might be useful, otherwise it's unimportant. It is much more imperative to know the ingredients in what we're drinking.

  • The origin of the name of drinks is not important

    We don't need to know where the names of drinks came from. Most of us are simply content to drink without stopping to consider all the minute details that may have gone into the product. This means that we are not about to research a small fact that may be interesting trivia but which has little impact beyond that.

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