• As a test tube baby

    As a test tube baby my parents couldn’t have kids and had me later and in life. The reason they didn’t adopt is because they wanted the experience of carrying the baby and I actually have a twin brother who is my biological twin and I love being a test tube baby and feel not ashamed to tell people. It’s like being adopted almost except with a little more help and less waiting. I’m grateful that my parents had me even when I found out they bought me from a complete stranger that to this day we still don’t know. I am only 15 now and when I grow up I am going to find my egg donor to thank her for giving me a good life.

  • As a test tube baby, I agree with the idea that we are a moral concept

    There are many upsides to in-vitro fertilization. Thousands of parents who have been unsuccessful in having their own children have been brought happiness through the miracles of in-vitro fertilization. Though adoption is an option some families choose to take, it is simply not a practical option for all families. Statistically, adopted children have a harder time connecting with parents, and not all families have the capability to care for an adopted child. Secondly, as a test tube baby, I can say that I have had no medical side effects either physically or mentally. Being a test tube baby has actually been one of the great comforts of my life as I know how badly my parents wanted me. Finally, I'd like to make a comparison. Say someone is born with a chronic illness. Are they not entitled to any treatment possible? Or is their 'natural' condition more important that ensuring their happiness?

  • Yes, I think it's moral to grow test-tube babies as children.

    As long as the child grown in the test tubes are able to grow into functional and able adults like a naturally born child I see no problem with it, scientists are likely giving a chance of life to someone that may have not had a chance at a natural birth.

  • Yes I do agree with the concept of growing "test-tube" ( in-vitro fertilization) babies.

    I see no moral issues with growing "test-tube" babies. The in-vitro fertilization process is just a medical procedure develop to assist men and women who cannot have children through sexual intercourse. It uses a man's sperm and woman's egg without any form of genetic modification. It's an advance in medical procedures that has saved many a marriage.

  • Yes, its moral to grow test-tube babies as children.

    I do not see anything immoral about growing test-tube babies as children if we are talking about the term in the traditional sense. I think that if a person want to have a baby by such means, there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing immoral is denying the parents the right to not want the child to ever know about it.

  • I think it's unfair

    Many people give babies to gay couples and I think that it isn't fair to the mother. As a proud Canadian citizen AND woman, Women aren't paid to give away their babies in Canada. I don't think its worth all that pain to give birth to a baby you are just going to give away.
    This is just my opinion and everyone has there own opinion but this is my idea.

  • Not in my Country!!!!!

    As a proud patriot of The U S of AMERICA I believe that creating these "Cyborg babies" are just a plan by the reptilian government to take over the world. If i ever see one of these "test tube babies" i'm gonna kick their teeth in and no ones gonna stop me. AMEN.

  • God is nature

    There's no reason for humans to play God and create test-tube babies. These things are supposed to happen naturally and not inside of a lab. We cannot guarantee things that are created inside of a lab, instead we have to let nature take its course. People who cannot have children are able to adopt.

  • It is not natural

    I like keeping things natural when it comes to stuff like this. People who can't have kids use the test tube method. I think there is enough orphans out there who could use good parents, but to each is own. They do say test tube babies have more health problems than children who are born in a womb. I am not sure if test tube babies is moral, that is for each individual to decide. I personally would not recommend it.

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