• Guns Are A Citizens Last Line of Defense

    Gun control debates are often heated, especially following a shooting tragedy. It is easy to believe that forbidding citizens to own guns would end citizen shootings, but guns create too much power for them to completely go away. Citizen distrust of the government would increase dramatically, as the government would hold even more absolute power over the citizens.

  • Yes, citizens have a Constitutional right to own guns.

    The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of citizens to own guns. Although there should be some restrictions on the types of weapons that citizens can own, the underlying right found in the Constitution cannot be denied. This protection is granted to citizens not to protect them from one another, but to protect them from a tyrannical government.

  • Gun ownership should be regulated

    It is necessary for citizens in the United States to be able to own guns because it is a right guaranteed to them by the Constiution and the right to bear arms. However, there should be laws in place that prevent people with criminal backgrounds or histories of mental illness from having access to guns.

  • No, because it is dangerous.

    Giving these rights to citizens results in the misuse of the weapons. Although it is said that guns rights allow citizens to defend themselves, these rights often result in gun abuse in which leads to unnecessary deaths and tragedies. Also, these guns can easily go into the wrong hands since there are minor limitations and restrictions associated with these rights.

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