Do you think it is okay for parents to read their children's emails?

Asked by: AnaghaR
  • Pedos, Scams, and Thieves, oh my!

    Of course parents should check their young children's e-mails. Let's face it: most kids are pretty damn dumb. They'll click on all kinds of ads which may fry their computer with viruses or invites which lead to chat rooms with neighborhood sex offenders. Kids don't typically have great judgment and it's up to the parents to compensate for that.

  • Noooooooo way man

    Why do parents have to read their kids emails. Its none of their business. Kids need to have a life too and when their parents are watching them every second isn't helping. Kids might be planning something special and with their parents watching them will just make things worse. So NO THEY SHOULD'NT

  • No, give them some space.

    Parents should respect and give privacy to the children. It might be fine if the parents check their children's mail if they're still young or so but if they're old enough to take care of these things then I don't see why they have to check their mails and invading personal privacy.

  • No, unless it's once in a while (for younger children).

    I think parents should respect children's rights to privacy. Although there are consequences for parents NEVER checking their child's email usage, I think that children need to be taught responsibility for their actions.
    I think that parents should check their child's emails when they are younger just in case, but once they get older their brains are more matured and that is when parents should step out of the picture.

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