Do you think it is okay to raise chicken in small cages?

Asked by: hohoho
  • HEY jack !

    Yes i see that cages in our minds are bad.....But if we really think about it farmers can have more chickens in there barns if they have cages more chickens more food and ore profit for the farmers and look at the pictures of the farms with no cages and with cages whats the difference? They are just about the same but with the cages they can't fight or hurt each other.

  • I raise layer hens.

    I know that a hen needs eight hours of sunlight, eight grams of protein and about two cups of water to produce one healthy egg. Battery cages don't supply the hens to fulfill these needs. The ovulation process takes about twenty eight hours. If a hen is stressed, she won't produce healthy eggs. Being crammed in a small cage with an inadequate supply of feed and water is very stressful. Also the hens never get to roam and stretch their wings. This can lead to pigeon-toe, splayed legs, broken wings and many other injuries and stress-induced disorders. Besides being very inhumane, battery-caged hens also produce unhealthy eggs. Stress can effect the quality of the egg, the shell becomes brittle and breaks. Then the eggs have to be cleaned. Many egg industries use bleach and chemicals to clean the egg shells. Eggs have pores and the chemicals can flow into the membrane and contaminate the amniotic fluid and yolk. Also, the hens are fed hormones to increase egg production. Studies show that these hormones are linked to obesity and heart problems in the consumer. The confined room in the cages promotes the spreading of disease. This causes salmonella and E-collie outbreaks. Don't support battery caged hens. Support your local farm, raise your own live stock or go vegan. If you raise your own livestock, you know what is going into your hens and the quality that will come out. If you go vegan you can still obtain protein from plant sources. But of course, you can chose to support disease-infested hen death chambers known as battery cages and egg industries.

  • Absolutely not okay

    In fact, people need to realize what it takes to raise 2-3 chickens. It is not difficult, they produce organic manure and control bugs, if let to run free. If in a mobile chicken tractor, they get fresh grass, your lawn gets fertilized and the pest population is reduced. Not to mention eggs.

    If half of America raise a couple chickens, we could eliminate the entire factory egg production market. That's rights, no factory chicken farms, no need to cage them or even have this conversation.

    In the words of Earl Pitts, wake up America. Raise your own chickens. I have 15 people covered with my 30 chickens.

  • It is not okay to raise chickens in small cages.

    Chickens are animals. Animals are capable of feeling claustrophobic and being in pain. Therefore, raising them in small cages to cut costs is inhumane and should be illegal. It's just not right to put a small chicken in an even smaller cage. Plus, the eggs that the chickens produce are of a lesser quality than free range chickens.

  • No, it is not.

    No I do not think it is okay to raise chickens in small cages. It is cruel and just because we use that type of animal for a food source does not mean it is right to treat their life like it is worthless. All living creatures should be given a certain standard of living.

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