Do you think it is possible for Chinese state television and CCTV News to be impartial?

  • No, it is not possible for Chinese state television to be impartial.

    I think the notion that Chinese state television and CCTV News can be impartial is ridiculous. Both networks are being heavily influenced by the government. A nation like China will not allow a Chinese state television to run stories and reports that paint the government in a bad light to the people.

  • Chinese State Television

    I personally think that all television is controlled by the government in China. This equates to only programs that are government approved. This would not be so problematic if China did not have so many restrictions on what kind of information may be disseminated. Even the US has limitations on public television, but not nearly to the extent of China. China could maintain control of the media, just loosen the grip some. A better alternative is to just regulate privatized media. Its more profitable for both the stations and the government.

  • They fear for their lives.

    No, I do not think that it is possible for Chinese state television and CCTV News to be impartial, because China is a country that imprisons dissidents. Chinese broadcasters know that if they do not say the right things, they will have the Chinese government to answer to. They want to save their necks and keep the party line.

  • No, State-Media Can Never Be Neutral

    State-run media in China can never remain impartial because the forces that control these organizations are directly tied to the government and have an interest in preserving government influence and power. While state media may criticize certain officials who have crossed lines, it can only do so once the government has as a whole determined to eliminate these officials from influence. But the state media cannot criticize the government as a whole because of the degree of government control and because criticizing the government runs against the interest of those in state-run media. After all, the government is the "patron" of state television/CCTV and criticizing a patron is never good for business.

  • By Definition, NO

    I do not believe it is possible for Chinese state television and CC TV News to be impartial. Their governing bodies, the government, makes this feat impossible. And maybe one should point out that it has little to do with their ability to be impartial, it's the fact that they're not afforded the option.

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