Do you think it is possible to disappear in today's world as D.B. Cooper did 40 years ago?

  • Yes, but perhaps by leaving civilzation behind

    Many countries have poor systems of record keeping. Certain
    other lands allow strangers to buy citizenship, given enough funds. Some
    nations are in a state of near anarchy, and anyone can disappear in such
    regions, whether or not they wish to do so. Of course, D.B. Cooper is probably
    dead, and death is probably the fate of most of those to seek to hide in
    unsettled places.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is possible to disappear in today's world as DB Cooper did 40 years ago today. Even with technology at its current height, people don't seem to realize the overwhelming population. On an individual basis, one person isn't much. People disappear everyday, even in today's world, never to be seen again.

  • Too much tracking.

    No, I do not think that it is possible to disappear the way that D.B. Cooper did 40 years ago, because there are air martial escorts on planes today. Anymore, someone would have told authorities on the ground where he was, and they would have been able to go catch him when he landed.

  • He wouldn't get away with that today.

    A person may be able to disappear in today's world, but not for long. I think you could only disappear for as long as it takes authorities to link the clues together. D.B. Cooper didn't have technology after him. Today it is impossible to completely erase your trail. If nothing else, too many areas have security cameras both inside businesses and on the streets.

  • No, it's not possible to vanish today like D.B. Cooper.

    I definitely think that it is a lot more difficult to disappear today than it was 40 years ago like D.B. Cooper. Today, there are just way too many ways to be tracked and located via some of the technologies we have today. I think that it would be impossible.

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