Do you think it is possible to have fair elections in Afghanistan despite Taliban influence and widespread corruption?

  • It's Worth Trying

    While it may be difficult to have fair elections in Afghanistan despite Taliban influence and widespread corruption, I believe it is worth trying. Some countries will always have to deal with these problems but that's no indication that they shouldn't hold elections. I don't see how else they would select leaders.

  • No, the country is a mess.

    Afghanistan has always been corrupt and nothing that the United States has done thus far has changed or is very likely to change that. So it is fairly impossible for this primitive culture to be able to hold elections that are fair any time in the future that we can foresee.

  • Far too corrupt

    There was a lot of talk about the US trying to influence elections in Afghanistan (which they did, supposedly, to be fair), but ultimately, there simply is too much internal corruption for there to be a fair election. Its absurd - the country has no democratic history, why would it suddenly start.

  • It is not possible for Afghanistan to have fair elections due to corruption and Taliban influence.

    No, at this point in time it is not possible for Afghanistan to have free and fair elections due to the influence and threat from the Taliban, in addition to the widespread corruption that exists there. Perhaps sometime in the future this could be a possibility, but currently, there is too much corruption for this to occur.

  • Afghanistan still viotile for elections

    Afghanistan is still battling a war between the government, Pakistan, and the Taliban. Their influence is still present within the country. This will make it hard to have a peaceful, fearless election process. Intimidation and fear of repercussions will always exists within the country and that will stop any possible avenue of a fair election.

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