Do you think it is possible to reconcile the Big Bang theory with religion with regards to how the Universe was formed?

  • The Big Bang Theory is perfectly in line with Christianity.

    The Big Bang Theory was created by Georges Lemaitre who was a Doctor in physics and a Reverend in the Catholic Church. The theory was considered to line up with the creation story so perfectly that the Pope Pius XII stated that it was evidence of God, Lemaitre disagreed with this, Stating that it was neutral.

  • Big bang theory

    The problem is both religion and the big bang are only theories that cannot be proven. I have often been called stupid when I argue extreme cold is energy. Yes it locks up energy but in space when thing get immeasurably cold does not cold fusion occur. I there fore assume at some point the cold rips atoms apart and this ignites energy creating a sun or if all the stars go out then create another big bang. I don't know if that how it happened as it is only my theory and to test such things I cannot imagine can be done in a lab yet or whether it would be safe to do so.

  • Yes, by admitting that creation stories in religious texts are mythology. Not intended to be taken literally.

    With enough faith, religious people have always been able to reconcile their beliefs with evidence. Sometimes it requires remarkable mental gymnastics, but it has been done many times.

    The question was not "Can they reasonably reconcile literal interpretations of religions with the big bang theory?", it was much more open ended. As it is stated, people do reconcile the Big Bang with their religions. Talk to any scientifically literate believer if you need proof.

  • Yes. Don't take the Bible too literally.

    If you read the book of Genesis, you need to remember that it was written according to the understanding of man at the time. Each book in the Bible is a progression in time and if you study it, you will realize that as time passes, so also increases the accuracy of documentation. Too few appreciate the oral tradition that was brought to word over the course of hundreds of years. Those who take the Bible literally try to apply today's understanding of written text to a text that is thousands of years old. A better way to embrace religion and the Bible is to embrace man's enlightenment. That includes what has been discovered over a millennia since the Bible was written.

  • Yes, I think it is possible to reconcile the Big Bang Theory with religion in regards to the formation of the universe.

    I think that the Big Bang Theory can explain the how and religion can explain the why part of the equation on how the universe was formed, the fact is nobody knows for sure if there is a higher being that created the universe or not it's all just guesses.

  • Yes, I think there has to be some common ground.

    Yes, asking whether the big bang or religion came first is like asking whether the chicken or the egg came first. Both can not exist without the other. There has to be some truth to both, there has to be some fundamental tie that has these two things constantly butting heads.

  • Yes, it is

    The Big Bang theory is something that either you believe it or you don't, religion really has no place in it. There's an argument for it happening but being guided by God that doesn't make much sense to me and few people seem receptive to it, in the end it's one or the other.

  • not at all

    no, the people that believe in the religion way of how things are formed are not going to believe any thing about the big bang theory, or any way that the science people think that all of the stuff that is here was formed on the earth or in the universe.

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