Do you think it is right for major companies to try to get by with paying less taxes?

  • Companies do not pay taxes

    No company ever pays taxes. Only the people that consume their goods or services pay taxes. Taxes are ALWAYS paid by individuals, never by corporations or companies. This is so basic I don't understand how you don't grasp this concept. The cost of their taxes are ALWAYS passed on to their consumers by higher prices. It can be no other way.

  • No, I dont think it is right for major companies to get by with paying less taxes.

    No, I don't think it is right for major companies to try to get by with paying less taxes. If anything the large companies are the ones with money and they should be paying the majority of taxes instead of making us civillians pay it and leaving us all broker then we already are.

  • TAxes equal for everyone

    Just because you are a bigger company and make more money, that does not mean you have to pay less taxes. Every company, along with every home owner and citizen have to pay equal taxes, regardless to whether or not you are rich, poor, own a home, or are successful with your company.

  • I'ts not right for major companies to try and get by with paying less taxes.

    In today's economy, we are all trying very hard to do our best and most of us are working full time and still don't have enough money to bring home to our famillies, so why should major companies get less tax? It makes no sence! Tax should be equal for everyone!

  • No, major companies should not be doing so much to evade paying taxes.

    A traditional argument holds that any patriotic individual, or by extension, corporation, would happily pay their taxes in order to do their part to support the federal government, a venerable institution created to protect our basic rights as outlined in the constitution. While you might hear such arguments given lip service these days, in practice scarcely anyone in the ruling classes actually lives up to it. Corporations of all stripes and their bought-off politicians all do their best to avoid giving Uncle Sam his due, and it is a downright dirty shame.

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