Do you think it is right, good or correct to die for your country at war or not? Would you, wouldn't you and why

Asked by: Charliemouse
  • It is bravery at its greatest to die in battle in a sacrifice to defend others.

    If you die to protect others, then yes, it is. If you die to kill others with no thought of protecting another, then it is not good. If you step in front of a bullet to save someone, that is heroic. If you die trying to cause carnage, you got what was coming to you.

  • War is necessary. Heroes are necessary.

    War on this earth is unavoidable because great power will always take advantage of lesser power. Diplomacy cannot work with parties that have malicious intent as learned from WWII and the appeasement of the Nazis. One cannot make a compromise with someone who cannot be trusted. If the Nazis did not have an intention of taking over Europe, Chamberlain could have trusted the Germans not to take over the rest of Czechoslovakia after the Warsaw Pact.
    Therefore, military strength by the peaceful will always be necessary to keep malicious power from taking advantage of the peaceful.

  • Yes, Sort Of

    If you get right down to it, I think that it is a noble way to die. It is sacrificing yourself for your loved ones, and a cause greater than self, in a situation that calls for tremendous courage. However, I also think that we anxiously await the day when combat is obsolete. If there was ever a defensive, home-battled war, I would be more than happy to rise up in arms, but until that point, I don't see any politician worth dying for.

  • It isn't worth dying for.

    Putting your life at risk especially when you are young is unnecessary because human conflict is always happening and I don't think that it's important to be involved in everything, Even if it makes you a "hero". Why should you fight and die for your country when you could live a long and happy life?

  • I will not sacrifice my life for people against my country.

    As I still live in America since 2001, things have taken some good and bad changes. It is known that there are anti-Americans, those who burn old glory, and those who refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance, or recite it. I'd like to serve my country when these anti-American scum are deported or leave our beloved country, so that I may sacrifice my life to the righteous, patriotic American people. I still cannot comprehend how these parasites still live in our country despite the many things and opportunities given to them, it is baffling. I'll sacrifice my life for the righteous, patriotic American people, not anti-American parasites, that are the disgrace and embarrassment of our country.

  • The notion that old men start wars and young men fight them should be reversed.

    Let the old men fight their own wars, not the young. If the old are willing to stand by their convictions, then they should be prepared to sacrifice their lives for their ideals. Conflicts between nations should be taken care of by having the leaders and/or politicians of those nations fight to the death in a ring or small battlefield. Whomever survives can be declared the victor nation.

  • It seriously depends on the war.

    Since we haven't been in a just war (America) since WWII, no, I would not die for this nation.

    But if we were to engage in an actual war, with an actual enemy for actual good, then yes, I would.

    I would also lay down my life to protect my nation from an invading force. Without reservation.

    People often equate an unwillingness to die for an unjust cause with an unwillingness to serve the nation. We just don't want to die for no good reason.

  • Violence in any form or shape is wrong

    Of course there will be always those who will make conflict unavoidable but as long as I have a choice I will opt for a peaceful resolution and therefore condemn war and find its casualties a waste and unnecessary grief for those left behind. Apart from the fact that soldiers often suffer from the post traumatic stress of their work.

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bigdave says2014-07-03T02:33:56.007
General Patton said that you don't win a war by giving up your life for your country, but by making the other guy die for his country.
cludwig says2015-09-17T03:37:21.567
After witnessing the rampant corruption and wickedness of Government Employees in my country, I wouldn't lift a finger to defend or fight to secure their grip on power. In fact, I would offer free directions to the invaders to the nearest Government offices and institutions and offer up a pitch fork and torch for them to use in the cause.