Do you think it is right to burn down the American Flag?

Asked by: bad_gurll
  • It is a right

    Burning the flag is a right, and it's protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions (A.K.A. The bill of rights) it guarantees freedom of expression . Burning the flag does not destroy the idea behind the flag. Burning the flag my be disrespectful, but after all the flag is but cloth and thread. People garner respect, ideas do not.

  • This depends on someone else view.......

    I am confused in this discussion/debate. I am going to give my opinion. If you burn the American flag then that is your right to do so cause it is an act of expression and an act of speech. The first amendment protects this idea. If you want it from a soldiers point of view then i can give it to you i have a soldier in my family more than one. It all depends on the way people see the flag. The flag means different things for different people. It can mean many things like respect and freedom. However the flag symbolizes freedom and i do not believe in symbolism because it can always change. I may just be a thirteen year old but I am smart enough to see that it doesn't matter what other people think only what you think and if you want to burn the flag than you should have the right to do. I mean why have the flag that symbolizes freedom when you cant even have the freedom to do what you want with the flag?!?!?!

  • Oh my god who the hell cares

    How is this even an argument? You really care if someone burn a bit of cloth? Is it really that dear to you? Are you so immature that you are emotionally attached to a flag? This is something that shouldn't even be an issue. There are more important things. Grow up people.

  • Stop with the stupid idolatry

    In the end, it's an inanimate piece of cloth. Get over it. And the hypocrisy is mind numbing. Treason? Ha don't make me laugh. If it was so sacred, then stop wearing it as bikinis, head bands, and emblazoning it stupid redneck bullshit. Sure, the flag represents a lot of things, and part of that is freedom and freedom of speech and the freedom to express oneself and burn the flag in protest without fear of government reprisal. The nation was born from protest. What else are we going to force people to do to "honor" the country? Just smells like fascism to me. If I had a flag, I'd burn it now to protest your stupidity.

  • Piece if cloth

    Oh no they burn a piece of cloth made in china! Woe is us! Get over yourself, if your feeling of patriotism can be destroyed by the simple burning of a peice of cloth then clearly your patriotism wasn't very strong to begin with.

    I would shit, piss and burn ANY flag, I'd put it on fire, piss on it to keep the fire udner control and then shit on it so people know where it belongs, in the trash

  • It's a pointless empty gesture but you should be allowed to do it.

    I won't deny that it's disrespectful but honestly in the end it's a piece of fabric. If the thought of the flag burning sends you into such a tirade you consider hurting someone you need serious mental help. You can absolutely not like it and the message it sends but that should be it.

  • People usually don't burn the flag...

    I don't think anyone should burn down the flag. But, one time, when I was in Girl Scouts, we burned the US flag because it was old and had holes in it, we had used it for so many years. I don't know where you saw someone burning the flag, but maybe that was the reason?

  • No, you should not burn the American flag.

    It is a symbol of our nation and the men and women that sacrificed, fought, and died for us, our nation. And its ideals. When you burn the flag unceremoniously and in protest, you are symbolizing the destruction of America, which is unpatriotic, and is an act of treason against the United States. There are no rights protecting the burning of the American Flag, as many claim that it is protected under the right to PEACEFULLY protest and the right to free speech. It is not; speech is what the word implies, and peaceful protest is, well, PEACEFUL. Fire resembles destruction, which resembles aggression, which is another word for violence, and when the American flag is burned, you are aggressively and violently protesting, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  • I guarantee this...

    If you are a Christian and I took your cross and burned it in front of your church, you'd probably punch me in the mouth.

    When people say "freedom of speech" I argue that that burning a flag is a breach of peace and therefore, is no longer a peaceful protest. Fire is a sign of destruction, destruction not being peaceful, therefore one should not burn the American flag because it is not peaceful and does not show any signs of peaceful protest. It shows offense to a great number of people which is still not peaceful.

  • It isn't right

    You should never burn the flag of ANY country whatsoever, it is disrespectful towards the country and its people as a flag is a quite important symbol of a country. Burning down the American flag is a mockery of America. The only time where it is somewhat understandable to burn a flag is at times of war, but even then it is not right.

  • No it's not

    And nobody ever suggested it was. Even as a Canadian, where the US flag doesn't mean much to me, I wouldn't burn it. Why would I be burning things in the first place? Seems a little arsonistic to me. I ain't about that life. Here's six more words ok? Done.

  • I don't think it is right to burn down the American Flag because it is a symbol of the United States of America.

    Burning the American Flag is wrong because the American Flag is a symbol. If you burn it down for no reason then that is just stupid because you just hurt our country. When you burn the flag than you are just pathetic and need help. STOP BURNING THE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  • The Flag's Significance

    A nation's flag represents it power and structure. If you burn that immorally, then you disgracing this nation and yourself. However, the only time burning a flag is acceptable is when it's being retired. You don't want a torn, old, battered flag to represent the nation, so it's retired. Even then, it's usually done by people who know what they're doing such as Boy Scouts or militants.

  • Not for the sake of burning it.

    If you are burning a flag just because you want to, then It is not right. However, if you are performing a flag retirement ceremony, and you are doing it our of respect for the flag, in that case alone is it right to burn it. Even then, it not called flag burning, it is called Flag Retirement.

    Burning it for the sake of burning it is disrespectful and symbolizes the destruction of America. It is treasonous and should be illegal. If you absolutely hate America so much, then get out. No one is keeping you here.

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The-Voice-of-Truth says2014-12-04T14:37:36.160
All of the people that said "YES" to this opinion is unpatriotic and do not respect the sacrifices of our veterans. They do not deserve our freedoms.