• It depends on where.

    If it is the Army, scouts, or even a place of business where it is important that there is uniformity and solidarity between everyone and that everyone from the organization is easily identifiable, then yes, uniforms are perfectly acceptable. I personally find school uniforms unnecessary though and stifling to the creativity of young people.

  • Uniforms Have A Place

    I believe uniforms can be used with great success in most places. I would prefer to see uniforms used in all public schools, but uniforms can also be used to great advantage in business. Uniforms tend to cut the overall clothing cost for an individual. It also eliminates competition between people who dress based on fashion and designers.

  • No, it's taking freedom away

    I think it is taking away freedom. Students already have huge problem of expressing themselves and when you take them away right to wear what they want we are taking away their creativity and right to be person they want to be and I dont think thats alright. Uniforms are only acceptable for army and police officers for obvious reasons

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