Do you think it is socially acceptable for men to cry in front of/seek comfort from other men?

Asked by: Shuggins
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  • Yes, Men need to be able to express emotion in healthy ways

    Let's be real, Bottling up emotions is unhealthy af, That's how u get crazy wife-beaters who were never taught how to express their emotions in healthier ways with people that are not their spouse.
    Or u get depressed single men who are too embarrassed to express their emotions with their male friends and believe that they have nobody to talk to about these things.

    Having a male friend to be there for u and be a shoulder to cry on is great, If u honestly think that expressing emotions with other men is gay that's just what western toxic masculinity has taught u. In a lot of other places it's socially acceptable for men to be emotionally vulnerable with other men and it works out just fine.

    I'm not saying "go cry with your homies or else you're part of the western patriarchy" For some men it's difficult to be vulnerable with other men because all your life you've been taught to bottle up emotions or express them through violence. But if you have a friend u are totally ride or die with it helps to know that they can be there for u if you ever need to get your cry on, As silly as that sounds. It really does help.

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